Ammar Tchalabi – I’m Sick of All You Liars!


Desert Force 14 had plenty of interesting and entertaining fights, one of which was the bout between Meshaal Al-Khuzeem and Ammar Tchalabi. Though losing via rear-naked choke submission in round 2, Tchalabi still looked good in the fight, overall. However, Tchalabi feels unjustly treated with what he feels are some essential reasons as to why he lost in his fight with Al-Khuzeem.

What annoyed Tchalabi was the fact which he had accepted to take up the fight on an 8 day notice only was not mentioned and emphasized. Also, Tchalabi explains that he had to cut up to 6Kg in those 6 days. Tchalabi above all feels uneasy with how everyone, including Arabs MMA, is seemingly treating Meshaal as a hero, a title which he clearly does not believe Al-Khuzeem deserves.

Ammar Tchalabi:

“Let me tell you something that you can share on your site. Meshaal was lucky to win that fight against me because I took the fight on very short notice, exactly 8 days. I had to cut 6 KG in 6 days which contributed in gassing me completely out in the second round because I never was used to cut too much weight. Even Meshaal, after the fight, came to me and told me that he would never want to see me again inside the cage and told me that I messed up his face, which I did ! And then he goes home and acts like a hero behind the keyboard and says things like despite the odds I managed to overcome the obstacles and force the win over my opponent.

I never commented on that because I blamed myself for allowing him to say that about me. My plan was to train hard and then let my future fights do the talking for me. But, seeing you repeatedly making him look like a super hero on my cost was enough and got me sick of all of you liars. The first round showed the huge difference between our level and if you or Meshaal or anyone else thinks that he really earned that win, I’m ready to bring you all back to reality in destroying him in the first round of a rematch at 77 KG.”

Heavy words from an evidently furious fighters. Could there be a rematch? Stay tuned and find out.

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  • Man he did much better than Meshaal. Hard luck Ammar, we will see u soon in the cage.

  • Ammar is a very tough and skilled opponent. Indeed i was lucky to have won that fight. I thank him for me giving me the opportunity to test myself against someone of his caliber despite the very short notice given to him. That fight meant alot to me since it has truly tested me in many ways. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Ammar. I wish him all the best in his future fights and i hope to see a belt around his waist soon.

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