Desert Force “Vs the World” Recap: Anas Siraj Mounir vs. Ali Ahli

Anas siraj Mounir

This was the fight everyone was waiting for! How would Anas Siraj, he of the infamous cartwheel KO and Desert Force debutant, fare against local favourite Ali Ahli! Anas came into the promotion with a 2-0 pro record in both whilst Ahli had a 3-0 record. Two unbeaten fighters, alas only one of them would walk out with his record intact after tonight!

Ali quickly took the center of the octagon from where they traded punches and kicks. Anas caught Ali with a huge punch in the first 30 seconds that rocked Ahli! Ahli did a good job to keep going and clinch Anas against the cage. They re-engaged and Ali managed to catch Anas with a strong right hand and followed that up with a spinning back fist that didn’t quite connect. Anas was always dangerous though, throwing strong rights and following them up with left kicks. Anas again caught Ali with a strong right and followed that up with a looping punch but Ahli didn’t seem hurt. Anas kept throwing wicked combinations and a large number of kicks to the lead leg of Ahli and the Emirati’s face was starting to look somewhat flustered.
Both fighters came out strong in the 2nd round with Anas repeatedly connecting with kicks to Ahli’s lead leg which was starting to bruise from the sheer number of strokes. Anas attempted a cartwheel kick which Ahli defended well!
Anas was beginning to get comfortable in the cage and definitely had control of the cage and was biding his time with his strikes, waiting for the opportune moment to put together his combinations. Ahli’s cardio began to wane and he slowly began retreating looking to counter strike when given the opportunity. Anas connected with a number of lead jabs which resulted in Ahli’s face turning red. Anas timed his finish to perfection a spinning back fist, head kick, liver shot, left hook, right hook combination rocked Ahli and another follow up right punch dropped him against the cage from where Anas unloaded a series of punches forcing Yves Lavigne to step in and award the Moroccan the TKO win!
A new star is on the scene!

Desert Force “Vs the World” Recaps

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