CALL OUT | Aniss Al Hajjajy Will Fight Anyone !

Who else would make an interesting battle to watch?


What is behind a fighter calling out other fighters in different weight categories? When it is a former Welterweight champion calling out the best in a promotion in another category, it makes you wonder. Why would a fighter of that caliber be requesting a fight? Why hasn’t this fighter been given more than one fight a year? This bad ass fighter, after requesting a specific match up and being silently rejected, has now opened up the challenge to any takers in the 77 kilogram division.

Aniss Al Hajjajy, arguably one of the best pound for pound fighters in Desert Force, has only fought once since he dropped the Welterweight title in an attempt to fight more in what was his original division, 70 kilograms. Strangely he has only been given one fight, and probably the reason behind why he has decided to take things into his own hands.

Recently, he called out the former lightweight champion Tareq Hamdi, after his latest KO win in Desert Force Beirut. In a direct and blatant Facebook post Hajjajy congratulated Hamdi and asked him for a fight. There has yet to be a response from the Jordanian.

Desperate to enter the cage Hajjajy again requested a match with the number one lightweight contender Tareq Hamdi, but this time claiming that if he doesn’t take the fight Aniss has the right to directly fight the current champion Moroccan Mohamed Triki.

After no response from Hamdi’s side or any other fighter in lightweight division, Aniss posted the most challenging status yet. He is offering to fight any Desert Force fighter in the Lightweight or Welterweight divisions. Yes… any fighter!

He knocked, he knocked and now he got what he wanted. The stacked 77 kilogram division didn’t take much time to welcome this challenge. Fighters have been happily replying in bunches starting with Tarec Suleiman, followed by Lebanese fighters such as Ghorabi and Fakhreddine.

It is now almost official that Hajjajy will face Suleiman as both fighters gladly welcome this match up and fans will surely love the technical level and skill to be showcased.

Who else would make an interesting battle to watch? Fans, the platform is open for opinions, let us know.

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  • Bitch*s aint shit but hoe* and tricks…… They re running away coz he’s a legit fighter clean from steroids and shit

  • Yes but he thinks he is so much better because he trains in us. Go on fight anas, ramy, ghorabi or mounir. 37 and looked bad against Gabriel tayeh?! Really?

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