Aniss Al Hajjay To Wahmann: No One Forced You, Stop Crying!!


An interesting comment popped up on Desert Force Facebook page after posting MBC action’s pre-fight interview with Amr Wahmann as he gets ready for his upcoming fight against Mounir Lazzez. Half way through the interview, Wahmann goes back in time to recall his fight against the current Champ Anis Al Hajjajy at the Desert Force Finale, reminding everyone that he had more than 4 injuries when he reached the finals and still managed to enter the cage and fight.

Now comes the interesting comment from the Desert Force welterweight Champ himself replying heavily to Wahmann’s remarks!

Please stop crying, i traveled from Boston to Amman, it was 26 hours trip with no sleep, and had only one day to rest and recover before the fight. Al hamdolilah I won, there`s no excuses. no body force you to walk inside the cage. win or lose it`s part of the sport.

Aniss Al hajjajy

Seems like Al Hajjajy is super pumped for a fight! Rumor has it that his upcoming battle will be against Mohammad Ghorabi , yet if for some reason this fight didn’t happen, the winner of Lazzez Vs Wahmann is surely next in line to face Boston Top Team’s grinder!

This guy is all business! Might be the calmest fighter outside the cage but his tolerance to Bull*** is Zero To none !

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