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Exeptional Performances From Arab Fighters at CWFN 9 in Amman

Three winners emerged from Cage Warrios Fight Night 9 and passed their tests with flying colours. You can probably guess who the first two are… Yup your right, Faycal Hucin and Mohamad Ali.


Faycal Hucin managed to TKO a former UFC fighter who only last year TKO’ed Duane “Bang” Ludwig on the Struve vs. Miocic card in Nottingham. Hucin will be delighted with his performance… Could 2014 be the year he makes the big jump into one of the big leagues? Don’t bet against it. If he can string together a couple more wins it wont be long before we watch him representing Morocco on the biggest stage!

Mohamad Ali will also be thrilled to have registered his first submission win! He latched onto a guillotine choke from hell and, although his opponent had his arm in the hold, held it tight until Aounallah had no choice but to submit!

The third winner is not an individual, but rather a collective of people that have quietly gone about their work and have put in the hard work over the past few years under the radar… they are now reaping the rewards! The Source MMA, a Jordanian MMA club, had 4 fighters on the card going 3-1 overall. Their winners finished all of their fights in under a combined 10 minutes and won via armbar (dislocating the joint), triangle choke (putting the opponent to sleep) and another armbar. Their fighters looked fierce with Jalal Deaja and Jarah Al-Silawi looking particularly vicious! Rumour has it that Jarah will now transition from amateur to pro MMA fighter! We have to tip our hat to them – whatever you guys are doing, keep doing it. That was awesome!

PS. We have to also big up Daniel Narmouq for an impressive performance and win for a 16 year old! The latest in a line of fighters from the Narmouq family

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