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Arabic BJJ Tutorials: Reversal From Side Control with Black Belt Hicham Hakam

Arabic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) tutorial ( Reversal From Side control) for BJJ addicts at O’TATAMI by Equipe Elite Instructor Black Belt Hicham Hakam , along side special guest from spain, fellow moroccan BJJ Black Belt Ali Dinar.

Hicham Hakam is a BJJ black belt under David Vieira Da Silva head coach of Equipe Elite in Morocco. Hicham dedicated his life to developing and teaching BJJ in Morocco.Most of his training happened in the United States and Brazil where he acquired precious teaching and lifestyle that enabled him to transmit that same lifestyle to his teammates and students. Equipe Elite counts 3 different locations where classes are given in an organized fashion to give strong basis to everyone within the team.

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