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Arjan Bhullar Claims ONE Heavyweight Championship

Arjan Bhullar with a metal lollypop and his new belt

In the main event of ONE: DANGAL, Arjan “Singh” Bhullar dethroned longtime heavyweight king Brandon “The Truth” Vera to capture the ONE Heavyweight World Title. The heavyweight fighter from Canada became the first Mixed Martial Arts World Champion to call himself an Indian without having a legal Indian passport.

Bhullar had an upper hand with his wrestling and has competed in the top MMA promotion – UFC. The experience helped him to pick apart Vera in the first round, with a string of combinations to set up a takedown. Bhullar stifled Vera with feints and strikes, freezing the Filipino-American on his feet and making him hesitant to engage. Bhullar took Vera down toward the end of the opening frame and controlled him on the mat.

In the second round, Bhullar capitalized on his feints by catching “The Truth” with an overhand right that sent him reeling toward the Circle Wall. A few more right hands compounded the damage, and a debilitating body shot had Vera gasping for air. Once “Singh” was able to close the distance and latch onto the defending World Champion with a body lock, it signaled the beginning of the end. Bhullar brought Vera to the mat and pounded him out for the technical knockout victory.

After the win carrying a metal lollypop, the Canadian fighter requested a chance to make a guest appearance in WWE or AEW. As part of his gimmick, he carried a huge metal lollypop.

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