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Arkhagha: Thabet Victorious / Ezzeldine Ko’s Ghorabi


Desert Force “Al Academiya” Finale should have witnessed Hashem Arkhagha Defend his middleweight sheild for the first time against the challenger Mohammed Fakhreddine. A small altercation changed the whole formula pitting Thabet Agha as a replacement to face the challenger for an Interim Title fight leading to a unification title bout later this year.

ArabsMMA had met up with the champ as he shared some of his thoughts and predictions about the best fights in his opinion!

I believe Thabet will grind his way to the win as a result of his cardio which is much better than Fakhreddine’s.If things come to worst, Thabet can grapple his way to a win in my opinion! He is also a smarter fighter so it will be interesting to see how this match progresses.

Arkhagha was the head coach of the Blue team at Al Academiya show, his teammates Ezz And Elrayyis both reached the finals of the show and will get the chance to secure a contract with Desert Force along with a handful of benefits if they come out victorious.

The “Finale” fights are also packed with action. Azzedin Belharch will finish his fight, by KO/TKO. He is a better grappler and has the more substantial boxing skills to put Ghorabi to the test, maybe even to sleep for the first time in his career. Let’s wait n see!

Am not gonna predict the outcome of this fight but i can assure you that Tareq Hamdi vs Elie will be an amazing fight regardless of what happens.

Sawi is on a mission. He has to come back and make a case for his credentials at 84 KG. If he gets knocked out this time…. It might spell the end for him.

Arkhagha said it all! His picks are clear and balanced in my opinion. Five more days till fight night in Amman, Jordan. This fight card has the potential to be the best ever knitted by Desert Force matchmakers! Knockout written all over it!

Stay tuned on ArabsMMA for the latest predictions and per-fight interviews.

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  • آراؤه كلها مبنية على العواطف , بيتوقع عز الدين يفوز عشانو كان في فريقه بالأكاديمية, وبيتوقع ثابت يفوز عشانو صاحبو
    وايلي وطارق ما حكى مين بيتوقع يفوز لأنهم التنين بفريقه

  • ثابت ممكن يفوز اذا بقدر يعدي الجولة الاولى على خير
    عز الدين لازم ياخد اللعبة على الارض باسرع وقت
    ايلي و طارق مباراه قوية .. الاثنين سترايكرز بس اتوقع ايلي عنده خبرة اكتر
    ايلي مستواه كان سيء اخر مباراه مع بندر .. السر اللي لازم طارق يستفيد منه هو ان يضغط من الاول و ياخد المبادرة .. بس لازم ينتبه من الكاونتر تاع ايلي

    ليش ما فيه مباريات تانية على اللفب ؟

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