Ashraf Chechani: Load riffs and those double bass drumming will surely give you some pump to hit it harder


Music is one of those things that can make you push yourself a little harder when in the gym. It can get your mood up, increase those endorphins running through your veins, make you push yourself to beat your previous best record or to complete the hard rep, or even embarrass you when you think no one else can hear you singing “dun de dun u tish eye of the taaayga it’s the thrill of the…”

This week we ask some of the big guys in the Arab MMA world to give us an insight into their iPod’s and whats currently on their play list. We start with none other than the Chechnian Destroyer Ashraf Chechani, legendary wrestling and grappling coach from Team Mirza. If you’ve ever attended or watched a Desert Force event or trained at Team Mirza previously you’ve probably seen or heard Ashraf bellowing his orders to his team. Whenever this guy is at work, you better get out of the way!

Captain Ashraf, what music do you prefer listening to when kicking ass in the gym?

I always been a metal head through my younger years, there is something different in that kind of music, it hits you right where it should with lyrical greatness you can’t find in any other music genres.

Metal as a motivator then?

Metal has always been a great motivator in training, the load riffs and those double bass drumming will surely give you some pump to hit it harder while training.

What are your five must listen to workout songs?

  1. As I Become (Crowbar): A song about coming back stronger when everyone thinks you’re done.
  2. A New Level (Pantera): The title says it all.
  3. The Wizard, covered by (Bullring Brummies). There is nothing to say about a song composed by Black Sabbath and sung with the great voice of Rob Halford.
  4. Toxic Waltz, by (Exudos): a song about friendly violence in a mosh pit.
  5. Ecstacy of Gold, by (Metallica): what better than a metal version of a Ennio Morricone master piece in the western movie “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”.


Megadeth or Metallica?


Pantera, Damageplan or Down?

Anything related to Phil Anselmo rocks, so Im going to go with Pantera and Down

Nu Metal?

Nay for the Nu Metal Crap

Any new bands that have come out recently that have impressed you?

Hmmm. I was recently impressed by Kingdom of Sorrow

Any local bands we should look out for?

Local stuff are crap and all death and black metal, im more into old school thrash metal

Who would win if you put Phil Anselmo of Pantera and James Hetfield of Metallica in an Octagon?

Anselmo 100%! He’s a damn boxer! It would be a KO

With that, we leave Ashraf headbanging our way down the road as we jive out to Phil Anselmo, fresh off his KO win over Hetfield yelling “ … A NEW LEEEVEEEEELLLLLL…. OF CONFIDENCE”

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