AUFC 5 | Eslam Abdel Mineim Fires Back at Mahmoud Fawaz



In a verbal feud ignited by Eslam Abdel Mineim himself leading up to AUFC 5, Eslam now responds to Mahmoud Fawaz’s verbal shots.

As the fight night nears for the AUFC 5 championship, Egyptian Mahmoud Fawaz has made some sarcastic remarks about the quality of his opponent, Eslam Abdel Mineim. Not only did Fawaz question Eslam’s résumé and eligibility for that fight, he also stated that he will finish him in the first round with ease.

Eslam, who requested the fight himself confident that he will get revenge for the defeat of Amir Nour at AUFC 4, reacts to the statement:

“Fawaz, I will do the rest of my talking in the cage and I’ll see you at the weigh-ins.”

With just a few words, Abdel Mineim makes it clear that he wants to talk less and settle it all in the cage.

Mahmoud Fawaz almost breaking Amir Nour’s shoulder in their encounter at AUFC 4.

Fawaz and Eslam will square off at the AUFC 5 main card, October 16 at the AUFC academy in Cairo. The winner of this match earn a shot at the vacant Lightweight title fight, set to take place at the next AUFC event.

AUFC 5 will be headlined by a welterweight title fight between Maik Wegner and Ahmed Sami, and a featherweight title fight between Hassan Mandour and Ahmed Faress.

Stay tuned on for all on AUFC 5!

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