Baaklini Vs Lhaymer Set For Desert Force 12


In Amman, Jordan, intensity builds up as Desert Force 12 progresses! Another heavyweight member added to the constantly growing division! After the announcement of the heavyweight bout between Mohammad “Hulk” Abdelkareem (7-4) and the Syrian new-comer Jarjis Danho (3-0), rumors have spread stating that Team Shogun’s Elias Baaklini (1-1 Desert Force) will be back after his TKO win in Desert Force Dubai. Allegedly, facing Baaklini is the Moroccan who knocked out the “Kuwaiti Golden Boy Abdulrahman” at GFC 5, Jawad Lhaymer!

This fight was the trending talk for Desert Force 13 in Beirut, Lebanon. Following the Desert Force officials’ decision to cancel, however, insider sources say that the players themselves spread the rumor.

The fight is confirmed, and just imagine the intensity of the match between these two beasts! The sure thing is that someone will get injured throughout the powerful 15 minutes. This fight is surely a great addition to the card stack in Amman.

With these rumors diffusing, other rumors are also spreading concerning the main event this evening. Stay tuned!

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