Elias Baaklini: Am Ready For Winner Of Tanios Vs Abdelkareem


It appears that Desert Force has found 2 Big Boys to battle it out in Desert Force Bahrain. After Mohammad Abdelkareem’s performance in his Desert Force debut and Baaklini’s fast TKO victory against Metloutii, I personally thought that this matchup is next.

Desert Force officials had planned it differently! Instead, Mark Tanios joins the division and gets matched up with the Hulk. Tanios is one of a handful of young, explosive and talented Arab heavyweights to make a name for himself over the past year.

Baaklini on the other hand had had different plans, as he was willing to face any of these fighters prior to this official announcement.

Our division is a thin one. Both Mark Tanios and Abdulkareem are good fighters making a name for themselfs on the MMA scene. I expect this fight to be intense and entertaining.No matter who wins, I’am ready for him:)

Almost three weeks till Desert Force’s next event in Bahrain , and Elias Baaklini is already looking past that to face the winner between those two big heavyweights!It seem’s like Shogun’s predator is hungry already!!

No matter who wins or losses in this fight, Heavyweights are always entertaining and explosive! Tanios will surely enter the cage to make a statement against the younger yet more experienced Hulk.

One thing is for sure, no matter who the winner is, matching him up with Elias “Predator” Baaklini is gonna be extremely crowd pleasing!

Stay tuned on for more on Desert Force Bahrain rumors, fight card and Results.

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