Badr Hari Faces New Opponent at Tonight’s GFC 4

Morocco's Badr Hari was set to face Patrice Quarteron in the heavyweight headliner


Morocco’s Badr Hari was set to face Patrice Quarteron in the heavyweight headliner of tonight’s (Thu, October 16) GFC 4 (Global Fighting Championship) event in Dubai.

Yet with less than 48 hours left for the big night, GFC managent decides to axe the French opponent for slating Harry and marketing the fight ‘unethically’.

GFC promoter Amir Shafipour says that GFC is “a family show” and that Quarterton’s behaviors,including a video labelling Hari “a bitch”, have been contrary to the event’s spirit.

Badr Hari:

“About Patrice… he has been saying a lot about me. I don’t care, I have been though those kind of clowns many times so he’s nothing special.”

“I think he is a social media champion but he didn’t do a lot in the ring. If you see on the YouTube, there’s more videos of him talking than fighting, so I think that can say enough about him.”

“I just want to say to the fans it is a shame this fight doesn’t go through because it could be a good fight and it has a good hype, people were really looking forward to see it.

“What is important for me is that I signed a contract with GFC to fight whoever they want to bring me. I am ready to fight whoever they want to bring me tomorrow. I am in good shape, I feel strong and I am ready to knock somebody out. I will knock somebody out tomorrow, that is my message to fans around the world.”

Rumor has it that the replacement is Eastern European and Mr Shafipour promised it would be “a big surprise”.

Stay tuned on ArabsMMA tonight to find out!

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