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Bahrain Dominates 2022 BICW MMA Super Cup To Reach Semi-Finals

Bahrain makes a statement completing all 9 rounds after qualifying by the 6th round

Bahrain’s national team outshined opposition dominating all nine rounds of completion while securing its position by the sixth round itself. In the 2022 BRAVE MMA SuperCup, the national teams of Bahrain, Ireland, Mexico, and Kazakhstan managed to advance to the semi-finals. The results of the first round include Ireland’s 5-4 victory over Oceania.

Meanwhile, Mexico defeated the Arab champions team 5-4, while Kazakhstan outclassed the Balkan Champion with five clean victories. Finally, Bahrain secured a resounding 7-2 victory over Tajikistan. The semi-finals will take place on Thursday, starting at 15:00 (GMT+3) with Mexico facing Ireland. Bahrain will take on Kazakhstan at 18:30 (GMT+3). 

Team Bahrain made a strong start in the tournament after its victory over Tajikistan, where the fighters showcased great capabilities, confirming their intention to win the title. Team Bahrain was the only team in the tournament to finish all 9 rounds, despite gaining a leading victory by the 7th round. This is a testament to the dedication the team possesses to proving to the world that Bahrain has the number one amateur mixed martial arts team in the world. 

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