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Bahrain’s Sports Media Initiatives Revitalizes Combat Sports in the GCC

The Kingdom of Bahrain has announced three major events back to back in 2022 including the first edition of the Royal Rumble charity boxing gala held between the Royal Guards and the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers on February 4th, 2022, the first edition of the MMA Super Cup, and BRAVE CF 57 during the first week of March 2022.

While the MMA Super Cup is a new tournament promoted in association with KHK Sports, BRAVE CF, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), and the Bahrain Mixed Martial Arts Federation (BMMAF), with 8 global teams competing for the title of the best nation in the world and substantial prize money for an amateur MMA tournament.

The participating teams were selected through the IMMAF Senior Global Rankings, with the spots being awarded to the six best-ranked countries: Russia, Ukraine, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Ireland, and Tajikistan. They will be joined by two wildcards, the Balkan Champions, and the Arab Champions, in the knockout tournament bracket.

The four winners of the first round will meet in the semifinals and, finally, the two semifinal winners will compete in the grand final, for the MMA Super Cup trophy and a US$ 100,000 check. The runner-up team will take US$ 75,000 home and the winner of the third-place match will take US$ 50,000. The prize money will be directed to the investment of the respective national federations.

The fight week will culminate with the 57th edition of BRAVE Combat Federation. A major fight night featuring multiple title fights will be the pinnacle of the career of Bahrain’s first Mixed Martial Artist – Hamza Kooheji, as he fights for the vacant bantamweight championship of the promotion.

Besides the fight night also showcases two more championship titles on the line with KHK superstars Ahmed Amir and Eldar Eldarov defending their world championships.

The initiatives by the Kindgom of Bahrain has a substantial impact with longlasting results in the future of combat sports in the Gulf Cooperation Council. As the largest combat sports media platform, Arabs MMA looks forward to the ever transforming landscape of Mixed Martial Arts in the region. The vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain is a testament for the passion and striving dedication to create opportunities in the Arab MMA world while bringing the world to the GCC with unparalleled opportunities to transform the sport and lives of atheletes.

Hari Bhagirath – Creative Advisor, BRAVE Combat Federation

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