Big Win For Jordanian Al-Silawi In His Pro Debut!

Jordanian fighter makes his professional debut under one of Europe's top MMA promotions.


Jordanian MMA fans gathered and headed to King Hussein Youth City Boxing Arena in Amman to support local Jordanian fighter as he makes his professional debut under one of Europe’s top MMA promotions.

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship- Cage Warriors 61 event had a bunch of weather related problems as the storm hits Amman, but Jarrah Al-Silawi was making history that night which did not stop the hardcore Arab MMA fans from attending! As they were behind him in his amateur career (4-0), local fans showed up in numbers to support their own and Yes he delivered !

In his professional debut, fighting in front of his home fans, Jordanian Jarrah Al-Silawi (1-0) made quick work of James Burrows (2-1). Burrows kicked early, then landed to the body at the same time Al-Silawi countered with a left hand straight across. He drilled Burrows, who fell to the canvas, and the 21-year-old Jordanian was quick to take advantage. Al-Silawi dropped to his knees and pounded out Burrows with four hammerfists to get the stoppage as his home crowd erupted.

Another Arab added to Cage Warriors Fighting Championship professional fighters! Moroccan/French Faycal Hucin, Egyptian Mohamed “Felx” Ali and the latest addition Jordanian Jarrah El-Silawi. Arab MMA invasion on its way!

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