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Brave 10 – Elias Boudegzdame Submits Kowalewicz (Video)

The main event of Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises featured a featherweight title contest between the current Champion Elias Boudegzdame, defending his belt against challenger Jakub Kowalewicz.

Though the fight did not go the distance, it was no walk in the park for either fighters!

From the beginning of the fight, Boudegzdame made his strategy crystal clear. The Champion believed in his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and bottom grappling ability so much that he did not hesitate to pull guard whenever the opportunity presented itself. Though reluctant at first, Kowalewicz eventually played along with the Champion, accepting to stay in his guard while controlling him, landing some strikes and even passing sometimes. The challenger seemed to be doing well throughout the fight, avoiding Boudegzdame’s submission attempts and arguably winning all the rounds. In the 4th round, however, the Champion felt the urgency of the situation, taking advantage of a low kick that Kowalewicz threw to take him down and instantly land in top position. From there, he tailored up a custom fit triangle choke, rolled to his back and squeezed it up, presenting the challenger with no option, but to tap and take himself out of the contest, thus leaving the Brave Combat Federation title strap in the hands of Boudegzdame.

Though his style was unorthodox, Boudegzdame was at last able to implement his will and get the submission he was searching for. Now, the question is, who will be his next opponent?

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