Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises Full Event Recap


Brave Combat Federation, has yet again delivered another hugely successful event, this time taking place in the famously known as the MMA capital of the Middle East, Amman, Jordan. A fight card with 11 scheduled and televised fights including 4 local Jordanian fighters appearing on the card in front of their fans, title eliminator bouts, a highly anticipated heated rivalry showdown, as well as a featherweight title defense contest on the line.

Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises lived up to and even beyond the fans’ expectations in a night full of richly entertaining and high level international MMA action packed matches.

Below are the results, as well and the technical overview of every match at Brave 10: The Kingdom of Champions which took place Friday March 2, 2017 in Amman, Jordan.

Chad vs. Ikram

Chad Hanekom vs Ikram Aliskerov

The Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises fight card beings with two undefeated fighters locking up inside the cage. The first round begins with Hanekom delivering damage to the calf of Aliskerov. However, in the second and third round, Aliskerov starts to find his striking and grappling rhythm, eventually managing to walk away earning a very close unanimous decision victory over his talented South African opponent.

Nawras vs. Hussein

Nawras Abzakh vs Abdul Hussein

The crowd goes wild as the first Jordanian fighter of the night, Nawras Abzakh, approaches the cage. The fight starts and Abzakh maintaining distance well. By almost mid-round, Abzakh fires a series of right and left hook, landing a lunging left to the eye of Abdul Hussein before pushing him up against the cage. Abdul Hussein escapes the cage pressure, but it’s clear that his right eye is already damaged and closed from Abzakh’s well-landed punch. Abdul Hussein then shoots for a takedown himself, but a well-timed sprawl by Abzakh gives him the opportunity to catch Abdul Hussein in his infamously a deep guillotine choke. Though Abdul Hussein tries to fight back and valiantly attempts to scramble his way out of the submission, he inevitably passes out and Abzakh is the first Jordanian fighter of the night to grab a win.

Nawras vs. Hussein

Dylan Tuke vs Sodiq Yusuff

Dylan Tuke comes in with a wide stance, similar to the style of his Irish country fellow Conor Mcgregor. Sodiq Yusuff pressures Tuke backwards early in the round, and catches him with a swinging overhand right that drops him to the ground. Yusuff quickly follows up with strikes and the referee jumps in to stop the fight, declaring Yussuf the winner via TKO. A seemingly up and well Tuke protests the referee’s decision to step in and end the fight early, but the result is inevitably the same.

Suleiman vs. Fleury

Will Fleury vs Tarek Suleiman

The fight starts and Suleiman is obviously the crowd favorite. Both fighters engage in a feeling out process. After around a minute, Suleiman shoots in to clinch with Fleury, but his opponent is able to push Suleiman against the cage and take him down. Fleury starts to work his Brazilian Jujitsu skills passing Suleiman’s guard and later on locking his neck in a guillotine choke. Suleiman escapes, but is still trapped with his back against the fence and his legs locked up by Fleury. The rest of the round is pretty much inactive, with Suleiman holding Fleury’s head while being trapped up against the cage himself.

The second round starts and Fleury shoots for a take-down right off the bat that earning him top position over Suleiman. The Irish-man drags his opponent against the cage and keeps pressuring to frustrate him. Suleiman drives hard for a Kimaura submission attempt, but a long stalemate forces the referee to demand the fighters to stand back up. In the stand up, Fleury manages to control the distance well by keeping his jab and tee working for him. Good striking by Fleury opens up another takedown attempt for him that he makes good use off, once again putting Suleiman on his behind with his back against the cage. This time, however, Suleiman is able to scramble his way back back up in an attempt to change the story of the fight. Nevertheless, Fleury once again comes in with a combination and drags Suleiman against the cage, before the referee steps in to break the two off due to inactivity. Fleury ends the round with an outside leg kick and another attempted takedown.

An explosive Suleiman comes in the third round with intent to turn things around, quickly catching Fleury’s low kick, landing a straight right down the center and dragging his opponent to the cage before over-powering him with a takedown. Fleury accepts guard position and attempts to wrist control Suleiman who throws in some ground and pound highlighted by a couple of elbows to Fleury’s face. Good bottom defense by Fleury neutralizes Suleiman’s top game of ground and pound, forcing Suleiman to attempt and pass Fleury’s guard unsuccessfully. The referee stands the fighters back up and the fighters instantly get into a brawl. Suleiman feels the urgency and attempts to swing for the fences, but a strategic Fleury pushes Suleiman to the cage, killing off some time and ending the fight to earn a tactical unanimous decision victory over Tarek Suleiman.

Jalal vs. Pitpitungue

Crisanto Pitpitunge vs Jalal Al Daaja

The 2nd Jordanian fighter on the card, Jalal Al Daaja, comes forward, driven by the overwhelming cheers of the Jordanian crowd. Al Daaja attempts to mix his kick attacks, going high on low on Crisanto, though not landing much of anything. Pitpitunge comes forward with some boxing combinations and lands an over the top hook on Al Daaja. Almost immediately after the exchange, Al Daaja lands a punch that sends the Jordanian crowd in a cheering frenzy as Pitpitunge stumbles and Al Daaja follows up for the finish. A tough Pitpitunge manages to survive the barrage, but an overly existed Al Daaja rushes forward once again with a powerful barrage of striking. Throwing everything he’s got at Pitpitunge, Al Daaja’s leg gets caught by his opponent and he gets taken down by Pitpitunge. Al Daaja fights back from the bottom, stinging Pitpitunge with an up-kick. Pitpitunge makes a big mistake and walks straight inside Al Daaja’s guard. Al Daaja takes immediate advantage, straps on a triangle choke and secures his submission victory in the 1st round, becoming the 2nd Jordanian victor of the night.


Pawel Kielek vs Sidney Wheeler

Making their Brave Combat Federation debut, both men start the fight in an attempt to control the center of the cage. The clock runs down and no significant strikes are landed by either fighter. After 3 minutes into the fight, Wheeler explodes forward, landing some punches and kicks while driving Kielek backwards. The fight goes back into pretty much no action, until Kielek ends the round by scoring a takedown against Wheeler and taking his back.

Round 2 starts and there is a lot of hesitation from both fighters. Some minor exchanges are landed throughout the round, but nothing too significant. Wheeler taunts his opponent and is seemingly mixing it up more than his opponent who is walking backwards for most of the round. Wheeler shoots in for a takedown, but is stuffed by Kielek. Still though, Wheeler grabs a head and arm and takes Kielek down. Wheeler quickly releases his opponent though and decides to continue the fight standing. Kielek clinches with Wheeler and takes him down against the cage. Wheeler makes a mistake and gives Kielek his back. Though Kielek fights hard for a read naked choke, Wheeler defends well and is able to survive until the bell.

It’s unclear who has the upper hand thus far as the 3rd round begins. Kielek comes in intent on taking Wheeler down. He straps his hand around Wheeler’s waist, but Wheeler jumps into an arm in guillotine, forcing Kielek to bail on the takedown. Kielek gets dragged down to the ground by Wheeler who now has a front head lock position on his opponent. The Polish fighter scrambles his way back to freedom and starts engaging in some striking exchanges against Wheeler, eventually catching Wheeler ‘s body once again mid-round and taking him down. Wheeler creates a scramble and ends up on top of Kielek, but a slippery Kielek pulls out a slick knee-bar that looks to be deep. The American shows a lot of heart and is able to escape his opponent’s submission attempt to once again land in top position. He eventually bails on the dominant position and chooses to get the fight back to standing. The round ends with Kielek attempting to shoot in for another unsuccessful takedown and fish for a late submission victory by looking for a heel hook. The fight is close, but after three rounds of action, the judges choose Wheeler as the winner of the bout by unanimous decision.

Mlambo good

Frans Mlambo vs Filipe Efrain

A quick TKO victory was scored by Frans Mlambo mid-first round. Both fighters came out pressuring each other, landing back and forth combinations, but Mlambo was able to get the better of Efrain, landing a punch that dropped his opponent and following up with a barrage of strikes to secure his victory. Though Efrain refuted the referee’s decision deeming it as a quick stoppage, Mlambo walked away as the winner and title shot at the Brave Combat Federation’s bantamweight belt against current champion Stephen Loman.


Tahar Hadbi vs Mohammad Fakhreddine

One of the biggest rivalries and most anticipated fights on the Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises for sure! Tahar Hadbi takes control of the center of the cage and walks Fakhreddine backwards, forcing him to keep circling his way around the cage. Hadbi lands his jab to Fakhreddine’s head and body, keeping the pressure on Fakhreddine while landing a few occasional kicks. Fakhreddine attempts to lunge in with some haymakers, but Hadbi gets out of the way and circles back to the center. In the last minute of the round, Hadbi lands a quick, almost phantom punch on that drops Fakhreddine. Hadbi rushes in to finish the fight to a grounded Fakhreddine, but the Lebanese warrior gets back up to his feet while being pressed up against the fence by Hadbi and the round ends with both fighters disengaging to get back to the middle of the cage.

In the 2nd round, Hadbi picked up right where he left off. After a missed head kick attempt by Fakhreddine to Hadbi, Hadbi stepped hard on the gas pedal and put pressure on Fakhreddine. Hadbi was able to drive Fakhreddine back against the cage with a variation of strikes including punches and hard elbows, forcing the referee to step in and end the fight via 2nd round TKO for Hadbi.


Charlie Leary vs Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady

The Jordanian favorite, Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady receives a huge cheering ovation from his Jordanian home crowd. The fight beings with both men engaging in lightning fast striking exchanges almost instantaneously! The fight is heavily action packed with both Al-Selwady and Leary tagging each other early. Al-Selwady dsiplays some beautiful wrestling as he takes Leary down and immediately starts putting pressure on him with everything he can muster. Al-Selwady works from half-guard against Leary and mixes it up back and forth, confusing his opponent with a high pace switching between passing and striking. Eventually, Al-Selwady knee cuts through Leary’s guard and starts delivering serious damage. Al-Selwady stacks Leary up against the fence and pushes him to get side control. He transitions to knee to belly and starts landing heavy ground and pound. Al-Selwady’s cardio is endless and clearly has his opponent hurt, ending the round in a phenomenal fashion!

Al-Selwady comes in the 2nd round swinging and shoots for a single leg on Leary, who is at this point fighting for his life. Al-Selwady inevitably scores another takesdown, gets into side control and starts mixing it up with a blitzkrieg of top pressure, passing attempts and devastating ground and pound. Leary already looks exhausted, but is fighting valiantly to try and stop the Jordanian. Battered, bloodies and bruised Leary somehow barely survives the onslaught of MMA clinic displayed by Al-Selwady, who ends the round glued to Leary’s back.
In the final round, Leary comes in swinging for the fences, but Al-Selwady is once again relentless and takes Leary down. Al –Selwady jumps on Leary’s back against the cage and starts landing strikes, aggressively looking for any kind of finish he can get over his opponent. Leary is pretty much dominated by Al-Selwady for the rest of the fight, but he gains the respect of everyone present in the arena and watching the event as he is able to scrap by and survive till the final bell. Al-Selwady earns a unanimous decision victory and no doubt delivers the best performance of the night, becoming the 3rd Jordanian to grab a win on his home soil.


Davis Bear vs Jarrah Al-Silawi

The co-main event of Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises. Though eating an early kick to the body from the local crowd favotrite, Al-Silawi, David Bear closes distance early with his boxing and clinches up with his opponent. A failed take-down attempt by Bear frees Al-Silawi and gets the fighters back to the center. Apparently, Bear suffers from an eye-poke and the referee stops the action. The fight quickly continues and Bear lands a takedown against Al-Silawi, who is able to strap on an extremely tight arm-bar. However, just as Bear’s elbow was ready to pop-out he somehow dug deep inside and was able to escape in an amazing show of heart! Al-Silawi once again attempted to go to for the arm-bar, but Bear escaped. Both fighters get back to stand up and the combinations start landing back and forth between the two, ending a very entertaining 1st round.

Round 2 starts and so does the combination swinging! Bear accidentally lands a strike to Al-Silawi’s groin and the fight is once again halted for a few seconds. Immediately as the action continues, Bear shoots for a takedown and lands inside Al-Silawis’s guillotine, but is able to once again escape. Al-Silawi’s bottom game dexterity makes it difficult for Bear to hold him down and he switches from an arm-bar, to an omoplata and then again to a guillotine. The submission storm is finally weathered by Bear who finished the round with some elbows landed from inside Al-Silawi’s full guard.

A very close fight reaches the final round. Al-Silawy throws in some kicks, answered by Bear’s boxing. The two fighters clinch up and Al-Silawi lands an Uchi Mata Judo throw that drops Bear, who instantly scrambles back up and lands a blast double leg takedown of his own Al-Silawi. The Jordanian fishes for a strange knee scissor submission attempt and turns it into a sweep, landing on top of Bear. Bear works to get back up to his feet, but is lifted and slammed by Al-Silawi who takes his back. Once again though, Bear turns things around, taking Al-Silawi down and landing inside his very dangerous guard. Though on top, Bear is not doing much damage, and with barely around 30 seconds to go until the end of the fight, Al-Silawi locks up a tight triangle choke that forces Bear to tap and suffer his 1st ever Mixed Martial Arts loss. No doubt the fight of the night as Al-Selawi grabs the victory!


Jakub Kowalewicz vs Elias Boudegzdame

In the 5 round main event, Kowalewicz comes in with instant pressure immediately forcing Boudegzdame, the champion, against the cage. Boudgezdame pulls guard, but Kowalewicz doesn’t fall into it and the two disengage from cage-side. Good strikes land by both men in the middle of the cage, but Kowalewicz once again pressures Boudegzdame against the cage. Strangely, Boudegzdame pulls guard, but is not able to do much as Kowalewicz stuffs him against the cage for the rest of the round.

The champion finds his rhythm, mixing it up with some good punches and kicks. However, Kowalewicz’s awareness is high as he catches one of Boudegzdame’s kicks and takes him down, again pressuring him from the top. Eventually, the referee makes the call to stand the fighters back up and the round ends in another round that seems to have gone in the challenger’s favor.

The 3rd round starts and Boudegzdame is doing well on the feet, but Kowalewicz gets another takedown. A few submission attempts are neutralized by Kowalewicz and the fight gets stood back up once again. It seems like the story is similar to that of the 1st and 2nd round with Kowalewicz landing another takedown near the last minute of the round. Boudegzdame accepts guard and seems to very much believe in his bottom grappling game, constantly keeps switching it up between an arm-bar and triangle attempt, but he reaps another unfruitful round.

In the 4th championship round, Elias Boudegzdame comes in more aggressively, taking his opponent down and directly earning top position. The champion seals up a triangle choke and maintains his title via a 4th round submission victory and an impressive finish. #AndStill Brave Combat Federation featherweight champion, Elias “Smile” Boudegzdame!

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