Brave 10 – Tahar Hadbi Ends Rivalry against Mohammad Fakhreddine (VIDEO)

Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises, had 11 high level and fun to watch cage fights, featuring several of our Mixed Martial Arts Arab favorites, as well as internationally recognized fighters from all over the world battling it out in Jordan, each driven by their own goals, reasons and motivators.

Perhaps the most highly anticipated fight for a lot of Brave Combat Federation, as well as Arab Mixed Martial Arts fans especially, was the emotionally heated contest between Tahar Hadbi and Mohammad Fakhreddine.

A match-up born from a rivalry between the two, this rematch offered both fighters the opportunity of settling their scores inside the Brave Combat Federation cage, after their previous bout resulted in a no-contest due to a misplaced knee that Hadbi landed to Fakhreddine’s groin.

In this fight, the Arab fans were split apart between cheering for one of the two fighters, but were confident of expecting nothing less than some fascinating fireworks.

In a fight that went for two rounds, Hadbi was getting the better of the technical striking exchanges as Fakhreddine looked to over-power him with short explosive bursts of lunging heavy punches and kicks. Late in the 1st round, Hadbi caught Fakhreddine with a quick punch that dropped his opponent and immediately sprinted forward in an attempt to end the bout. However, the Lebanese warrior came back from deep waters, rising to the surface and making a miraculous recovery that was met by a wild wave of cheering from the crowd as the 1st rounded ended.

The 2nd round was short lived for Fakhreddine however, as Hadbi came in sensing that his opponent was not the same fighter he was in 1st. He opened up with his fast variation of strikes on Fakhreddine, pressuring him up against the cage and forcing the referee to step to in and end the battle, declaring Hadbi as the winner by TKO.

Though Hadbi was the winner, the opinions about the fight ending were split. A lot of the fans present, including Fakhreddine himself, did not appreciate the referee rushing in to end an entertaining bout in what many felt was an early stoppage. Though Hadbi and Fakhreddine seemed to settle the beef between them, at least on the surface, the possible controversy suggests that there might be yet another rematch in the future of these two rivals. However, for the meantime, Hadbi should enjoy a good performance that bared the fruit of a great victory he has scored over Fakhreddine, a man who is possibly the most recognized fighter in the Middle East.

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