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Brave 2 Open Workout: Carlsson, Al Selawi get heated at Face-Off


Brave 2 Open Workout got heated as the fighters came face to face. Just two days from their defining battles in the cage and these warriors just cant wait.

Fighters from the main card treated fans to some slick moves and combinations as they broke a sweat and demonstrated their awesome physiques, and techniques. Furthermore, officials than organized a pre-weigh encounter where fighters came head-to-head for the first time. The face-off was filled with intensity and it almost exploded as Jarrah Al Silawi vs Erik Carlsson came together.

It was the Swedish man who remained calm and composed. Yet, Jarrah, the Jordanian Lion, pushed him back, then roared at Carlsson in a mighty fashion, which sent shivers down the spines of those watching.

Also, Al Silawi is fighting for the first under Brave Combat Federation banner and so is Carlsson. Both fighters are removed from their comfort zone although surely more so for the Swede. He looked a little shell-shocked as Jarrah clenched his fists and made it known that he’s entered his back yard and will face dire consequences.

In one hour, they will face again at Brave 2 public weigh ins. This is where the real soul starring takes place and you can only imagine the hype and intensity when these warriors face off again.

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