Brave CF: Clash of the Welterweight Division Titans

brave welterweight tournament

The Bahraini based promotion, Brave Combat Federation is deciding how to match up the two combatants to fight for the Welterweight Title, 77 kgs. With quite a number of worthy fighters demanding the chance, it’s a dilemma Brave might have found a solution for. A four man tournament could take place that includes 4 fighters, 1 night, and fighters get to go all out for the title thanks to matchmaker Yousef Nassar’s creative mind.

Several fighters are on board and have been vocal about the opportunity on social media and otherwise. A real MMA fighter appreciates and jumps at a chance to exercise their testosterone filled abilities, any means necessary to achieve a title belt. Three of the four gentlemen mentioned for this possible tournament are Mohammad Fakhreddine, Carl Booth, and Tahar Hadbi. A fourth position is still to be filled.

The question is what may be the advantages and disadvantages of this unusual twist of excitement?
First of all, watching these top of the line MMA athletes in the Welterweight division all have a chance to display their skills and all in one night, fight after fight, leading up to the actual title fight giving fans an incredible preview. The fighting skills will have to be adjusted to each different opponent as opposed to focusing on only one opponent.

Second the increase in number of fights per fighter can mean higher percentage of injuries before the “real” fight. This can alter a fighters style and game plan. All would have to cater to the difference in the time line of bouts, and may have to be highly pin pointed to factor in for the reduction of injuries possible – making it all the more difficult.

Thirdly it may not come down to the best fighter of the group competing for the title at the end of the four man tournament. As mentioned above, the possibility of injury can take a fighter out of the game if a bad enough one unfortunately but realistically could occur.

Fourthly how might the night go? How will the rules of this separate tournament be determined? Could they reduce the number of rounds and focus it on short burst of executed talent? Could the rounds be reduced by minutes? Would the judges and referees base the scoring on style and arsenal of techniques instead of brute force to reduce the possibility of injury so the real fight can witness the full scope of the fighters during the title fight?

Last of all, what would be the benefit of so much action so quickly? How much fun would it be for each of the fighters to have the beautiful option of going against various fighters in so little time? When sparring athletes of MMA usual train against different team members which helps build a repertoire for reading different opponents, bringing well rounded reflexes and quick thinking ready for all and everything that might be up the sleeve of the next battle. It could prove a wonderful advantage to each fighters already unique style, and turn the title fight into an extraordinary match that might not have reached that level without this possible 4 man tournament.

No matter what happens, this creative possible method of screening who goes through to a title bout is something that could add to the already explosive entertainment of the Brave CF arena.

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