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Brave champ Carlston Harris trades shots with Al-Selawe over social media

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After Carlston Harris admitted he was keen to fight away from Brazil and perhaps face Jarrah Al-Selawe at his home country of Jordan, the Welterweight contender made it a point of starting a war of words with the current Brave champion. Through social media, Al-Selawe sent a message that was not well received by “Moçambique” and the two started to trade shots.

“The Pride of Jordan” started everything when he told Harris “to have fun with my title because I’ll get it soon”. The Guyanese-born fighter didn’t like Al-Selawe’s tone and told him to “get back to training”.

“Your title? You never touched this belt and you’ve never been a champion! I think you should do less talking and train more. Getting a whipping in front of your home crowd is no good!”, taunted Harris, indicating that he’s indeed willing to face Al-Selawe in Jordan.

However, the contender still had a few words for the champion, claiming he would put “an exclamation point on Carlston’s face” and would break him when they fought.

“I know I haven’t (won a title) but I will soon. Get ready to see an exclamation point in your face after the fight. Everyone will see me break your face in the cage”, threatened the Jordanian.

While the champion may have found a true rival, their fight isn’t official yet. Al-Selawe is coming off three wins inside the Brave cage and might get the nod to face Harris next. “Moçambique” made history when he became the first-ever Brave Welterweight champion after agreeing to fight for the title on one day’s notice after former contender Carl Booth’s opponent, Mohammad Fakhreddine, fell ill during the weight cut for Brave 8, last August.

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