Brave Episodes: Mohammad Fakhreddine Vs. Thiago Vieira

The first edition of “Brave Episodes” is out now and features Mohammad Fakhreddine (8-1) and Thiago Vieira (8-0) preparing for their seminal main event at Brave: The Beginning. The behind-the-scenes footage gives viewers a chance to see the life of these two elite fighters, both inside the gym and outside the fighting business, with their family.

In this episode, fighters discuss their motivation and inspiration and for Fakhreddine – it’s his baby boy, whom he said has made him train harder and given him a real reason to fight. He said that the birth of his son had made it necessary for him to succeed in the sport.

“The Latest” also said of his opponent:

“He’s pretty tall and he’s got good Muay Thai and a lot of low kicks, but we’ve been working on that in terms of defense and countering and stuff like that. Definitely one of us is going to sleep. He’s heavy handed, I am heavy handed so I don’t see this fight going the distance unless one of us decides to play safe, and there’s no way that’s going to be me. This is a new promotion and I’m looking to make a big impression.”

For the undefeated Brazilian “Monstro”, who breaks down during the interview, his motivation is his older brother, who sadly passed away, but in Vieira’s words: “It awakened a force in me that I didn’t know existed, after he got sick and passed away. This is a sad story but it’s also motivational, for me, my mother, my family, everybody who knew him. For myself, for god, for the people around me, for my team, for the country, I fight for this.”

Vieira added:

“The Brazilian person is a fighter, who must fight hard in order to believe his own dreams, every day is a battle.”

Vieira has spent some of his camp at Alliance MMA in San Diego, California, reflecting how seriously he is taking this fight with Fakhreddine.

“We have studied his career, he’s a tough guy and always gives his opponents a tough fight, but nobody is unbeatable and I’m going over there to hand him another loss on his record,” said Vieira.

“It was amazing when I heard the news that I will fight in this mystic land of Bahrain. We don’t know much about the middle-east in Brazil. I believe everybody will be respectful and we won’t get any trouble because fighting is a universal language and everybody can communicate without speaking. There’s no language, flag,colour, ethnicity or gender so everybody is equal.”

This is a truly epic clash between two fighters who have emerged as the best in their region, and are looking to make an impact on the world stage.

The next Brave episodes will feature the blockbuster co-main event on the card, Rami Aziz Vs. Abdul Kareem Al-Selwady.

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