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Burning Questions Heading to Desert Force 12

Before every fight card, mixed martial arts (MMA) fans toggle between possible scenarios and what to expect days before it all unfolds in front of their eyes. Probable outcomes, distinguishable facts and head-scratching theories are all part of the mystique that surrounds the fights on any given night. We ask ourselves the same questions, and try to come out with different answers.


Does Tarek Hamdi Deserve this title shot?

Headlining Desert Force 12 is current lightweight champion Haider Rasheed opposite Tarek Hamdi, winner of Desert Force al Academiya reality show. With a less than satisfactory path in the Academiya, Hamdi found himself in the finals against a tougher Elie El Rayyis. Hamdi managed to armbar El Rayess in a controversial fight that had critics all over the region busy. But this is MMA and the kid did win. But does he deserve the chance to fight for the desert Force title? That is the question. The current champ Rasheed already expressed his opinion about this fight stating that Hamdi only has a “Puncher’s Luck” in this fight, yet who knows how an MMA fight can end right ?!!? Another interesting question would be, if he lost where does that put him in the division?




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  • 1) No he doesn’t deserve it.
    2) If Majiri wins (very unlikely), he should fight Mounir Lazzez and the winner fights Hajjajy.
    3)Yes, Triki is a very good fighter and he is fighting someone from Egyptian Top Team who are not the best fighters on the ground.
    4)After this win Triki should fight against Mohammad Yehya (if he wins), after that the winner gets to fight the champ.
    5) Probably yes.
    6) Yes

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