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Burning Questions Heading to Desert Force 12


Will Mohammad Ghorabi Keep Winning?

Ghorabi takes his 2-0 Desert Force record to Jordan to face off with Bechir Majri. The Al Academiya winner: comes from the excellent Shogun gym and will bring a great deal of savvy into this bout. All the fans are waiting for these two welterweights to enter the cage tonight! After the social media altercation, a lot of heat between these fighters was built up and their first face off at yesterday’s weigh ins said it all!

If he can overcomes Majri, he would stay on track to potentially becoming the new Welterweight champion, maybe even the scariest champion in Desert Force promotion. If not, a huge opportunity would slip through his fingers.




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  • 1) No he doesn’t deserve it.
    2) If Majiri wins (very unlikely), he should fight Mounir Lazzez and the winner fights Hajjajy.
    3)Yes, Triki is a very good fighter and he is fighting someone from Egyptian Top Team who are not the best fighters on the ground.
    4)After this win Triki should fight against Mohammad Yehya (if he wins), after that the winner gets to fight the champ.
    5) Probably yes.
    6) Yes

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