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Burning Questions Heading to Desert Force 12

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Will we see some heavyweight contenders after this?

Only April 28 will unravel the knots on his one. The heavyweight category had it’s ups and downs at Desert Force promotion where not enough talent was found to build up one of the most exciting divisions in Martial arts in general. ‘Baaklini Vs Tanios’ is the fight to look out for! Pitting former teammates who were born and raised in Lebanon, this is a war of heavyweight domination between Tristar’s best and Shogun’s predictor! ‘Danho Vs Abdulkareem’ is a relatively easy fight for the new comer, as the odd gap is clear on this one. This could surely clear things out as who is the most feared heavyweight in town! It could take another 2 match ups like these to unveil who might be the next Desert Force heavyweight champion but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be one hell of a journey for these big men. Who wants it the most??? That is the question.

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  • 1) No he doesn’t deserve it.
    2) If Majiri wins (very unlikely), he should fight Mounir Lazzez and the winner fights Hajjajy.
    3)Yes, Triki is a very good fighter and he is fighting someone from Egyptian Top Team who are not the best fighters on the ground.
    4)After this win Triki should fight against Mohammad Yehya (if he wins), after that the winner gets to fight the champ.
    5) Probably yes.
    6) Yes

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