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Cage Fighters Kuwait Preview and Analysis

The Main event for the evening will feature one of the pioneers of MMA in the Arab World Mohamed "Felx" Ali and Ayodeji Kalejaiye "Mad Dog".

The Cagefighters promotion is less than a month away , Kuwaiti fight fans are overly excited for this event that includes not only 5 MMA fights but also another 5 Pro K1 bouts. May 3 will witness a War inside the Crown Plaza hotel as local and international fighters square off to earn the first Cagefighters championship belt. Keep that date in mind, and don’t forget to tune in for some exciting fight action!

Mohamed “Felx” Ali VS Ayodeji Kalejaiyeh
The Main event for the evening will feature one of the pioneers of MMA in the Arab World Mohamed “Felx” Ali and Ayodeji Kalejaiye “Mad Dog”.

Ayodeji, fighting out of the Angelo Gym in Enschede in Holland, might sound familiar after his epic war of a fight against Sami Antar. Not only will Ayodeji have an 8cm advantage over Felix, but he is also coming off of a recent loss. The tricky part? So far Ayodeji has always secured a victory in case he had lost in his previous bout.

Felix won 3 out of his last 4 fights and will be looking to add another W to his record. Notorious for his tremendous punching power and aggressiveness, he has so far managed to always outfight his taller opponents and close the distance before unleashing his barrage of dirty boxing.

Mark Tanios VS Nader Alaeyneya
Traning with “Black Cobra” team and head trainer Elie Bitar , Mark “Rocky” Tanios is no stranger to MMA. A well rounded figther, 5 times Sanda Lebanese heavy weight champion, this man is an elite striker with a heavy jab that rocks his opponents on every occasion.
He will be facing Nader Alaeyneya, a roman wrestling champion and a ground fighter by choice. The Syrian Bulldozer will be looking to submit Tanios and earn a win at the first Cage Fighters event in Kuwait.
Striker Vs Grappler, this is the type of fight a lot of people would love to see , What do you think?

Abdulrahman Al Qattan VS Abdullah Althwayhi
Abdulrahman is Kuwait’s multiple time kick boxing champion, known as the DesertFox for his unorthodox strikes. Getting ready for this fight, Al Qattan has been refining his ground game and training BJJ with world class instructors.
He will be facing Abdullah Althwayhi, a Jeet kune Do fighter and an MMA practitioner. Jeet kune Do might not be familiar to the Arab fans but another Kuwaiti MMA star, Ahmed Al Boussairy used this same style to earn a spot in the Desert Force finals. Expect super kicks and a fast pace bout no doubt.

Khalid Almubarak VS Fayath Shaker
The first ever Kuwaiti to fight in a cage, Khalid Almubarak is back and ready to fight again. His debut was back in 2001, here in Kuwait at the Warrios War 1. Almubarak is experienced in multiple martial arts and will definitly use every single one of them to finish Shaker.
On the other hand, Shaker is a kickboxer and a Jiujitsu practitioner. He has a well rounded opponent to face. Which fighter will have a slight edge and earn the W ?

Hamadah Radwan VS Talal Argarba
Another Jeet kune Do on this card, Hamadah Radwan from Egypt will face Talal “evilboy” Algarba, a full contact fighter and a physically tough individual.
80kg of pure muscle, a mixture of speed and power! Who will be the last man standing?

Also on this card are the following 5 K1 rules fights, for all the striking fans:

  • Abdullah Habib VS Lorand Sacheez
  • Saeed Marzoog VS Fahed Tohme
  • Fahed Saadon VS Jarah Rahi
  • Ahmed Jassim VS Ali Abbas
  • Abdulaziz Murad VS Omar Alrabea

For info and reservation call: 66320578 – 25522258

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