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Cage Warriors 61 Amateur Card Recap


Cage Warriors 61 took place at King Hussein Youth City Boxing Arena in Amman with a stacked amateur card featuring eight arab amateur fighters. Amazing bouts had the local crowd on their feet all night!

1) Ghassan Dandash Vs. Mustafa Nada: Dandash Vs. Nada was the first fight on the amateurs’ card. Mustafa had a great performance successfully taking Ghassan to the ground were he utilized his grappling to finish the fight Via armbar in the first Stanza.

2) Hassan Talal Vs. Walid Chaoli: This fight was surely Fight of the Night material on the amateur card. Both fighters went at it as real fighter do. Hassan started out hard with some nice leg kick combos kicks and and couple of punches taking the opportunity to take Walid down!. Talal was on the winning edge in the first two rounds were he earned as much points using his takedowns. Hassan was in danger as he got caught in a tight guillotine yet stayed calm to successfully get himself out of this position. In the 3rd round, Walid showed a great performance by keeping the fight standing were he surely won the 3rd round with style. It was a little late for the Tunisian but he showed great heart that night. Talal won via unanimous decision.

3) Nawras Abzakh Vs. Nasif Azar: This fight was easy work for the local Jordanian Nawras Abzakh who put Azar to sleep quickly and finished the fight 30 seconds into the first via guillotine choke.

4) Nijem Mamkegh Vs. Abdulhamid el Nahas: In the first round, the Kung Fu Sanda fighter Abdulhamid was trying to keep his distance and use his reach advantage to keep the fight standing. Nijem started out calm at the beginning. It was his first fight and he wanted to carefully pick his moves. El Nahas unloaded some hard kicks and punches but Nijem remained steady as he listens to his coach Ihab Janeb. Nijem immediately went for the takedown pinning Abdulhamid to the ground and went for the side mount. In the second round, Nijem had multiple attempts to take Abdulhamid to the ground but with no avail. It all happened in the 3rd round as Nijem took Abdulhamid to the ground with a vicious slam and went for the mount position were he finished the fight via TKO. Amazing debut for the Jordanian!

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