Shady Tahboub Talks Fighter Selection Process At CWFC

The local organizer of Cage Warriors in Jordan Shady Tahboub talks to ArabsMMA about fighter selection criteria.


In every Cage Warriors event, amateur Arab fighters face each other to prove who is the better, stronger, and more complete fighter! While chatting with ArabsMMA reporter Naeem Deranieh, local Cage Warriors organizer in Jordan Shady Tahboub shared some of the criteria that he considers when selecting the fighters for the event :

I choose my fights in very specific conditions that eliminate any excuse for a fighters loss. Let’s take Yazan Janeb for example. I made this fighter face a good and tough opponent with a (3-0) record, young (18 years old ) and trains with the professional MMA fighter Mohamed Ali who also fights in Cage Warriors. When Yazan fought this guy and won he said “when I tried to take my opponent down he was like a wall he was so tough”, so I do not make it easy for my fighters. I want to see who is the best! As a Jordanian, I don’t give preference to any Jordanian fighter over his opponents by choosing an easy fight for him. That is totally wrong. I want my Jordanian fighters to get hard tests for their career, so there is no difference in the experience between the opponents.
Yazan Janeb Vs. Hassan Talal was Hassan’s first fight and Yazan’s second after he got defeated in his first fight. Hassan was a Kyokushin fighter and Yazan Janeb a BJJ fighter, so it’s Jiu Jitsu vs Kyokushin, and it depends on the period as well.

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