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Cage Warriors Local Organizer Shady Tahboub Talks Arab Fighters/ CWFC 10

shady tahboub

ArabsMMA reporter Naeem Deranieh had the chance to sit down and chat with the local Cage Warriors organizer Shadi Tahboub. Tahboub is the man who brought the Cage Warriors respected brand to further afield corners of the globe.

Mr. Shadi Tahboub:

“I want the best for the Arab fighters. I want them to compete in Cage Warriors events in order to prove to the world that they are real fighters, a lot of Cage Warriors fighters are now in the UFC. “Big Foot Silva” , Micheal Bisping , Jim Alers and Conor were previous CWFC fighters and are now part of the UFC.”

Mr. Shadi was so excited for the upcoming event ( Cage Warriors Fight Night 10 ) which features many amateur fighters who got promoted to professional such as Yazan Janeb from jordan and Hisham al Gazali from Morocco who promise sick fights. Both fighters are well-rounded and finish their fights with spectacular performance.

Yazan (5-2) has 7 fights, and he is ready to take his career to a professional level. Hicham has a (3-0) record. This man has scary Muay Thai skills and he is complete fighter. Jarrah Al Silway on the other hand will be facing Karl Booth. I have put Jarrah al Silawy in a hard test against a really tough fighter. Karl is known for his great striking skills. Jarrah is a great striker as well, I think they will put on an exciting stand up fight.”

Arab fighters are becoming more and more skilled, and the level of these fighters is visibly improving. Mohamed “Felx” Ali started fought as amateur fighter in 2010 and has scrapped his way up onto the main card and is the current role model for the up and comers. He holds now a (9-5) professional record, this fighter never quit surprising us! Who said that Arab fighters are not really good? Who knows when will we see our fighters compete in the UFC?
A hard worker will get everything he wants.

The success of Cage Warriors events in the region revealed hungry and enthusiastic audience for MMA beyond Western parameters. Such entities have kickstarted an MMA boom in the region and have offered Middle Eastern fighters a stage on which to present their skills to the world.

Stay tuned on for CWFC Fight Night 10 Results and Coverage.

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  • what about hesham ? he has never been in the cage warriors ! why they post 3-0 ! is it in that silly fighting championship desert force ?

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