Catch The Most Promising Strikers On The Desert Force 18 Undercard

This Monday evening (Aug. 17, 2015) inside "Hikmeh" Stadium in Ghazir


This Monday evening (Aug. 17, 2015) inside “Hikmeh” Stadium in Ghazir, Lebanon, local legends Mohammad Ghorabi and Mohammad Fakhreddine will square off against Maghrebis Youness Mikiss and Mohammad Sayyah respectively.

In addition, Tarek Suleiman and Christofer Silva will battle it out in the first Desert Force rematch, while Abdulahad Gari and Tareq Hamdi vie for supremacy when their long awaited fight finally takes place.

You all might be blinded by the popular fighters on the Desert Force 18 LIVE card, and that’s where you might have disregarded lots and lots of decent names who could well enough steal the show in Beirut.

Are you the type of fan that enjoys a stand up battle? Here are four fighters that will look to strike for one reason only, knocking out their opponents. Prepare to be impressed!

Bachir Yammine Vs Hussein Salem

This one is a stylistic match up between a Kung Fu Sanda champion and a Muay Thai addict. Yammine is a well conditioned amateur fighter who’s looking to impress the local crowd in his debut. Fighting out of Tiger Muay Thai Lebanon, this veteran martial artist will have experience on his side along with speed and determination.

His opponent Hussein Salem has showed great stand up techniques and showmanship every time he stepped into the cage. His lack of ground game has put him in undesirable positions yet this time, the fight could very well stay standing. The Veteran Vs New Blood could very well end in a highlight reel knockout, Don’t blink.

Abdel Kader Souan Vs Maher Salloum

So what do both these young brawlers have in common? Controversial decisions in their professional debut. Salloum put on a bad-ass fight against Bassel Narmouq where he came up short, as well as Souan who showcased a striking seminar Vs Ahmed Makki to find him self stuck in a draw after battling out for three rounds.

Both strikers and both love to bang, this one might not really affect the rankings but hardcore fans will surely enjoy the show when these knuckle heads step into the cage at Desert Force 18.

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