Casino Du Liban To Host Cedar FC 3 On April 8

Cedar FC 3 at the Casino Du Liban

In the wake of the call to ban Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the country, Lebanon based Cedar Fighting Championship has re-announced it’s April 8th event with a twist. The promotion has announced on their official facebook page that CFC 3 will be held under the Lebanese Wushu Kung-Fu Federation and Free Combat Committee.

“Honoring the Minister of Youth and Sports resolution regarding the MMA issue, CFC 3rd event on April 8 will be held under the Lebanese Wushu Kung-Fu Federation and Free Combat Committee.

We promise to deliver the best entertainment possible as there will be diversities into the fight card hosting couple of Professional Wushu Sanda Fights.”

CEDAR FC (CFC 3) fight night will feature multiple martial arts disciplines including professional Wushu Kung Fu fights and other fights under the Free Combat Committee. The bouts will most likely will be held under Pancrase rules which prohibit Ground and Pound, and will presumably take place inside a ring.

Cedar Fighting Championship’s 3rd installment will take place on the 8th of April at the Casino du Liban.

Earlier this week, Phoenix Championship announced that the promotion will still hold their planned event in April, going with a Muay Thai card only. Today, Cedar FC has maneuvered its MMA offering to present its fans with a display that is as rich and as explosive.

It seems that the decision to ban Mixed Martial Arts in Lebanon will never thwart the combat community’s efforts to present world-class events on Lebanese grounds!

Check out this Wushu Knockout highlight and get yourself warmed up for a night full of explosive action:

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