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Chahe Yerevanian Delivers Speech At The Formal Inauguration of Phoenix Championship

Mr. Chahe Yerevanian, Chief Executive Officer and Phoenix Fighting Championship president, delivers a speech at the first pre-fight press conference of Phoenix, officially launching the promotion. Phoenix Championship’s inaugural fight night, “Phoenix 1“, will take place at the Nohad Nawfal Arena on Saturday December 10, 2016.

Chahe Yerevanian:

“I would like to thank everyone who made it today to join us in launching Phoenix Fighting Championship. I vowed to establish the biggest promotion in the region, and here we are today, delivering on our promise. Right from the get go, we chose to bring the world’s best fighters to Phoenix including Buakaw Banchamek, Andrei Kulebin, Davi Ramos, and other local and international stars. Every Phoenix fan’s dream will become a reality, as legends battle it out right here in Beirut.

This is more than just a promotion. Phoenix is a sports project that will put Lebanon on the map. We are honored to have Lebanon pioneer in this space. Phoenix will become exemplary in Lebanon and across the world. Phoenix will put on the best show to the Lebanese and Arab fans. The promotion will give the opportunity for our fighters to go head to head with the world’s most elite athletes.

We have signed with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) to broadcast our events in Lebanon and to our fans across the globe. We pledge that Phoenix Championship will bring you the most exciting and highest caliber bouts that you will ever witness. Phoenix 1 is just the beginning!”

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