Chahe Yerevanian | Karaki Will Be The New Desert Force SuperStar – Mark My Words


ArabsMMA team had the chance to sit and talk with Mr. Chahe Yerevanian during our visit to congratulate him on his newborn son Ivan. Chahe had a lot to share with us, especially on his sponsored fighter Mohammad Karaki and the upcoming Desert Force event taking place in Egypt.

It’s no secret the amount of support Sayfco Holding Chairman, Chahe Yerevanian has given to Team Shogun fighters. The latest coming by way of “Training Camp at American Top Team” for Mohammad Karaki as he readies to fight in December for the Desert Force middleweight title against the Champion Ibrahim El Sawi.

“Karaki asked for this Camp and I have granted it without second thought. He has the chance to make history and Ricardo Liborio’s ATT was his choice for a 45 day camp.”

Ricardo Liborio (American Top Team Founder) and Karaki had met when Mohammad coached the Blue Team At Desert Force “Al Academia Season 3” which was taking place at Arena KSA. Liborio makes frequent visits to “Arena Gym” as he supervises the Jiujitsu team in this facility.

“I don’t think any Desert Force fighter is as prepared as Karaki for this fight. He is a brown belt with legit ground skills which were extensively tuned in this camp and his striking has improved immensely at with Team Shogun. Come watch him spar at the gym, even the big boys can’t handle it. Karaki will deliver, I promise you he will defeat El Sawi on Egyptian soil. I respect El Sawi, he is fierce and aggressive but I believe this kind of grind will get him knocked out.”

This fight is no average fight people! Mohammad Karaki could very well be crowned as the first ever Desert Force champion to hold 2 title shields in different divisions. An inspiration to fans and fighters. It’s truly remarkable the effect and echo Sayfco Holding has made since its involvement and support for our beloved sport. With the birth of the first Arab MMA Federation followed by the first Lebanese MMA Federation, powered by acts similar to Mr. Yerevanian’s, this sport could very be a leading sport in the Middle East.

“My goal is for Karaki to have 3 title shields in 3 different divisions.”

As exciting as this bout gets, Yerevanian also expressed great affection when discussing the previously announced co-main event pitting the champion Mounir Lazzez as he defends his title for the first time.

“Mounir “The Sniper” Lazzez and Jarrah Al Selawe are great fighters with big heart. I heard the fight is now scrapped with Jarrah being injured. Too bad Ramy is also out, he would have easily replaced Jarrah. He has a big potential to become the best in his division.”

Desert Force’s latest event in Lebanon scored the highest ever public with over 6000 people in Ghazir stadium. Not only was it special because of the crowd and fights, but a 1 Million Dollar prize was announced and offered by Sayfco Holding. Now Desert Force 19 is cooking and it seems like Yerevanian’s Christmas spirit is booming!

“We are working with the organizers and owners, Mirza brothers and Zaid Abu Saoud, to prepare something unique for Desert Force 19. I believe the fighters deserve more financial support than the few thousand they make from each fight. My goal is for Sayfco to be present supporting all the fighters and always delivering nice surprises.”

“I am very excited for this event. The Egyptian crowd is beautifully loud and it’s going to be one hell of a show.”

Stay tuned on ArabsMMA, as I will personally announce this new prize on this platform 1 week before Desert Force 19!

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