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Christopher Silva: Name any Welterweight and I’ll Promise the Fans a Great Show

Silva will now be facing Tristar's Abdel Medjdoub in the upcoming Desert Force 13.


Brazilian fighter Christopher Silva will be facing Tristar’s Abdel Medjdoub in the upcoming Desert Force 13 taking place on the 25th of August. Silva’s latest appearance at Desert Force was against Abdel Ali Aityachou at light heavyweight in Desert Force ‘Vs the World’ event which took place back in October 2013. Silva took this fight in two days notice and managed to control a heavier Aityachou to secure a decision win.

1- What was the reason behind your weight drop?

Actually I didn’t drop weight. My fights in US were all at 77kg/170lbs. My last fight at Desert Force was at 93kg/205lbs to replace a injured fighter who was supposed to face Abdellali Aityachou. Never fought at 93. It was a big moment and my chance to grab the opportunity. I will be fighting at 77 from now on, and winning at 93 was a double victory.

2- What are your thoughts on Abdel Medjdoub and what do you think about his fight against Tarec Suleiman?

Abd is a good fighter. In his last fight, his opponent fought injured and that had a huge effect on the result in my opinion. I don’t think Abd could show his potential at this fight. His previous fights show a lot more about him than his fight against Suleiman.

3- How will you cope with the fact that Abdelmedjdoub trains at Tristar with some of the top names in MMA?

I trained in Brazil my entire life before moving to US and I was fighting out of American Top Team. Master Conan Silveira put me on the edge and I was training with guys like Thiago Alves, Thiago Silva and hector Lombard on a daily basis. That alone has a great impact on my game today.

4- Who have you been training with for this fight?

Since I left the US, I have being training with a lot of top guys in the UAE. Coach Marcos Santa Cruz Oliveira and Ready team are guiding me and helping me a lot. For sure sparring with Flavio Serafin, Hitalo Machado, Sam Maccoy, Wilson Lopes, Apoeno Lobo, Orley Tartaruga heavily contributes to my game. They are all very experienced fighters with records superior to mine, and I’m really blessed to have these guys beside me.

5- Are you planning to stay in the welterweight division?

93kg/205lbs was a great (and unexpected) adventure. But 77kg/170lbs is my actual weight class.

6- Who, in your opinion, is the best fighter in welterweight up to the day?

The welterweight division of Desert Force is really competitive. I’m looking forward for a title shot and I’m working hard for it. It’s not easy to pick one guy in this division since the results are very close and most of the fights at welterweight are exciting. This is the toughest division when we talk about the quality of the fighters. I’m I’m ready to face each and every one of them. Fighting is my life. Fighting is my business. Fighting is my passion. Name an opponent and I will do my best to give Desert Force fans a great show.

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