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Daley Smashes Ribeiro at Dubai FC, and Local Favorite Mohammed Walid Submits Machielson

If Daley catches you with a clean hook, you are almost certainly going to lose the fight. After a brief feeling out period in the opening round with Semtex landing a couple of jabs and Ribeiro peppering with some low kicks, Rodrigo attempts two takedowns half way thru the round which were stuffed by Daley. At that point Semtex was more relaxed mixing his punches .Rodrigo finally got the takedown but not much time for the BJJ veteran to work his game from half guard .
Round 2 started with Semtex being the aggressor .Charging in and going for the kill , Daley managed to drop and pin Ribeiro close to the fence , pounding his way and dropping bombs to win by KO. Here’s the finish:

Mohammed Walid shining in Dubai
Co-Main event featured local favorite Mohammed Walid who faced the toughest fight in his short career. Much of the first round was on the ground , Walid taking down Tonie and pulling guard on multiple occasions , completely outclassing him with multiple submission attempts .
Second round had Michielsen landing some nice punches from Walid’s open guard , Referee stands the fighters again but Mohamed quickly pulls guard again and goes for a heel hook before the round ended.
A low blow by Tonie in the opening minute of the 3rd round , the referee calls time . As the fight is restarted , Michielsen throws a spinning back first which Mohammed times perfectly , manages to take Tonie’s back and submit him Via Rear Naked choke.

Mohammed Walid wants Mounir Lazzez and is definitely in a position to Call him out!

Fight Card Results:
Paul Daley def. Rodrigo Ribeiro via KO (punches) Round 2
Mohammad Walid def. Tony Michielsen via Sub. (RNC) Round 3
Fatih Ulusoy def. Craig Harriman via UD Round 3
Hubert Geven def. Khasan Majlimov via Sub. (RNC) Round 1
Rafat Shawe def. Erve Fammoe via Sub. (Guillotine) Round 2
Majid Seddigh def. Ramazan Mamchuev via Sub (Guillotine) Round 1
Mohammad Khani def. Zaur Zagirov UD Round 3
Mohammed Naemi def. Alan Uzdenov via Sub. (Guillotine) Round 1
Makhmut Gidaev def. Abbas Zahiri via TKO (punches) Round 3
Amirov Nabinyula def. Daniel Nuamah via UD Round 3

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