“Daniel Chamoun” remember the name!

Turning 18 today is Daniel Chamoun, an up-and-coming Lebanese mixed martial artist who will be having his MMA debut by the end of 2013.

This young prospect started gathering his medals at the early age of 11.

He began his martial arts career training Judo, by the time he turned 15 , he was a “King of Sanda” Champion and earned multiple medals at Striking competitions. Primarily known for his aggressive, crisp striking, Daniel has adapted his stand-up to MMA, and has developed an impressive array of grappling skills.

His motivation is simple:

I fight for my family , I fight because that is what I am , a fighter

Supervising his training and working on his conditioning and stand up game is professional “fitness” and “conditioning” instructor and holder of “King of Sanda” title 2012 , Ryan Merheb from “The Pitbull Pound” in which Daniel will be fighting out of in his MMA debut.

RYAN mentioned : “ Daniel will represent us and we will support him to the bone , We are in this together.”

Chamoun refines his MMA skills with Pro MMA fighter, Tarek Sulaiman who is always in his corner ready for all types of support. He also attends BJJ class with instructor Ghalia Baggily-Ogden Smith at the Órfãos BJJ school.

I will enter the cage and earn my first win, This is what I love, I will make it happen

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