Desert Force 12 Fight Card Final and Official

Desert Force officials today announced the final fight card for the April 28th event.


Desert Force officials today announced the final fight card for the April 28th event. Yousef Nassar, matchmaker at Desert Force, claimed that:

“this was one of the hardest cards to put together… the amount of injuries we had to contend with was insane!”

The fight card sees a number of strong bouts right across the cards. Headlined by a 70 KG main event between two Jordanians, it is arguably the two fights that precede it that will have many fans interested. Bechir Majri will face Mohammad Ghorabi at 77KG and newly inaugurated Heavyweight Jarjis Danho will come up against Mohammed Abdulkareem “Ze Hulk”. “These are exciting fights! Bechir vs Ghorabi not only has a huge impact on the standings in the division, but also is arguably one of the most exciting fights to happen this year! I am also thrilled that we were able to bring in Jarjis. The guy is the number 3 heavyweight in Germany and he will come up against a thoroughbred Arab MMA stalwart in Ze Hulk”.

When asked about some of the changes that occurred on the card, Nassar mentioned that “it was insane. Seriously. We had to change the date of the event which resulted in Aniss Hajjajy not being able to make the show because of immigration issues. Then we had to contend with injuries to Azeddine Bouhmidi, Osama Saidy and Jawad Lhaymar. Heck even Yousef Hamad had to withdraw due to conflicting schedules with the new date change and his university exams. Its been a tough card to put out, but taking a look at it now, its a pretty sick card!”

Indeed Nassar might have a point. This card could arguably be one of the best, if not the best, Desert Force cards put out there. With 11 fights on the line, we get Nassar’s opinion on each bout.

Tarek Hamdi vs Haider Rasheed
“I know this one will raise a lot of eyebrows and some will critique that Hamdi does not yet deserve a title shot. Albeit Hamdi did win several fights on the trot after coming back form a loss against Paul Alam. It also would have been somewhat odd if we had awarded Ghorabi a title shot and not Hamdi. Plus a Jordanian vs another Jordanian on a card in Amman is bound to create a crazy atmosphere”

Mohamad Ghorabi vs. Bechir Majri
“This one is nuts. Ghorabi was supposed to face Aniss Hajjay, but since the new date meant Aniss couldnt make it I knew we had to find another opponent. Ghorabi’s manager actually at one point didnt want him to participate if it wasnt for the title. I understood his position and said he could sit this one out and wait until he could get the opportunity or could take this fight now. A day later they called back and said they would take it. Bechir, to his credit, didnt take more than 30 seconds to make a decision and now we have a great fight on the card that carries a lot of weight in the Welterweight division”

Jarjis Danho vs. Mohammed Abdelkareem
“Beasts, both of them. This one is going to be massive! Arguably the most popular Egyptian heavyweight vs the number 3 heavyweight in Germany who just happens to be Syrian”

Maher Salloum vs. Bassel Narmouq
“I am excited to see this one happen. Maher makes his debut after a winning appearance in a Beirut event and Bassel comes back after his performances in Academia. This pits brawn vs skills, power vs technique and an Arkhagha vs Fakhreddine protege”

Rafat Shawee vs. Ibrahim Sawi
“I have been wanting to make this one happen for ages… This was supposed to happen on the January card. I am super delighted that it is happening this time! Two strikers, one coming back from a loss and the other trying to start another winning series… watch this space”

Mohammad Trigui vs. Mohammad Hassan
“Trigui surprised many in Bahrain. Here he comes up against Egypt’s number 1 lightweight fighter. Trigui could build on his win series and Mohammad Hassan could stake his claim to fame”

Georges Eid vs. Lawin Khalil Mustafa
“Many here might not know Lawin. But this guy is awesome! Both fighters are 1-1 in professional bouts and both are well versed strikers with good ground game. This one might be my early tip for fight of the night”

Elias Baaklini vs. Marc Tanios
“If your Lebanese… your gonna want to watch this. If your an MMA fan, your gonna want to watch this. Heck, two 120 KG fighters, both coming of wins going at it. Some might raise the issue of the notorious difficulties between Lebanese gyms, but I know these two are good sports and will put on a great show and will shake hands afterwards”

Rami Aziz vs. Lois Cadet
“I cant wait to see Rami Aziz perform! This guy is a huge win for Desert Force and the MMA scene in the Middle East. He was supposed to face Akhtaboot who had to pull out due to conflicting schedules, but Aziz Julaidan managed to help us source his training partner Lois Cadet who comes in with a 3-0 Shooto record”

Saif Quandour vs. Ahmed Saeb
“Its Iraq vs Jordan in this one. Saif is a protege of Hashem Arkhagha and will make his debut against the Iraqi brawler, Ahmed Saeb, who recently featured on the 1st season of Academia”

Hani Chehimi vs. Jalel Manai
“Jalel will make his return in this fight against a Lebanese newcomer – Hani Chehimi. Jalel last went three rounds with Feras Saada and against Hani comes up against a good grappler and striker. Lets see who can impress more in this one”

There you have it fans. Desert Force 12 is going to be huuuuge!

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