Desert Force 12 on MBC Action Live Play by Play and Results

Desert Force is back TONIGHT (Monday, April 28, 2014) for Desert Force "12" at Al-Hussein Youth City, Boxing Arena, Amman - Jordan.

Mohammad Ghorabi vs Bechir Majri

Here’s another interesting one…. A very interesting one 😀 Mohammad Ghorabi vs Bechir Majri. This one has huge implications for the welterweight title. You can bet that a lot of the 77 KG fighters will be watching this!

Mohammad Ghorabi! The destroyer himself walks out first. This guy is known for one thing… finishing! And finishing impressively. What a huge welterweight this guy is!

And here comes his opponent Bechir Majri from Tunis! Bechir makes a come back to the cage after last fighting over a year ago.

Ghorabi walking around the cage in the interim looking very determined. What do you think the odds are for this one going past the 1st round? hmmmmm….

Round 1: They touch gloves! Bechir trying to press early and close the distance. He jabs well. Ghorabi with a kick and he slips. Bechir rushes but cant quite get the fight to the ground. Bechir with Ghorabi up against the cage working for the takedown. Big elbow from the clinch by Ghorabi. Bechir is showing some good clinch work so far. Yves breaks them up. They restart. Big body kick by Ghorabi. He rushes in but Bechir throws a great uppercut then rushes GHorabi and takes him to the ground. Ghorabi is a beast though and manages to stand back up. Bechir showing good dirty boxing from the clinch. Ghorabi with Bechir against the cage now. He throws strikes and knees. Bechir reverses and switches level going for the takedown. He gets the takedown and ends up taking Ghorabi’s back! Ghorabi reverses though but Bechir does a good job of going for the arm bar! Ghorabi shakes him off! Ghorabi now standing above a ground Bechir!

Ghorabi dives in! Bechir goes for the takedown but Ghorabi blocks it. Ghorabi throws a high kick that lands. Bechir answers with a high kick of his own. Bechir going for the single leg! Ghorabi uses the chance to delivers elbows the the head of Bechir.

Ghorabi switches and has Bechir up against the cage and delivers telling knees! Wow! That one hurt Bechir! Ghorabi coming into his own now! 20 seconds to go. High kick by Ghorabi blocked by Bechir!

10 seconds to go! A big punch by GHorabi lands! Bechir seems almost out on his feet here!

10-9 Ghorabi!

Round 2: Here we go. Bechir looks exhausted! This doesn’t bode well for him. They touch gloves and were off.

Bechir with a nice body kick. Ghorabi goes for the takedown and gets it! He is working to get to side mount. Big punches from above by the Lebanese brawler. Bechir attempts a heal hook, lets see where this goes. Ghorabi stands and throws himself at Ghorabi and delivers a flurry of unanswered punches. Bechir needs to pull out all the stops here.

Bechir holding on to the single leg. This one looks like it’s about to end! Bechir is on the ground and Ghorabi is throwing huge bombs from above. Bechir turtling up… This looks like it could end very soon. Ghorabi in half guard.Thats it! TKO WIN for Ghorabi! Wow! What a performance by the Lebanese brawler!


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  • A lot of typo errors , plus Trigue played against Mohammed Yahya (UAE) not Hamzeh Nafush !!

  • I meant Trigue played against Ahmed Al Bussairy,

    Mohammed Yahya played against Hamzeh .. Sorry

  • Does anyone have an idea how to watch this live? (GO LAWIN)

      • I tried going on MBC Action right now, but its not now. It says its at 11 pm (dubai time)


        • Oh, so i can’t watch it live? I can only watch it at 11?


  • @Yousef – of course there are a lot of typos . But we are cage side and typing as the action is happening so pardon the grammar mistakes. Its not like we can ask things to slow down a little bit while I type. If your willing to help though do come by.

  • Thank u Nassar, really appreciating ur efforts

    But did Trigui win by TKO or Guilatine chocke?

    • He won by referee stoppage officially :s it wasnt a submission but the referee decided that Hassan could not continue. The guillotine looked very, very tight though

  • we are waiting eagerly for the mountainous fighter, samourai guy, Lawin Khalil, with all wishes of victory!

  • GO LAWIN. Hope you win so you leave the UAE in a good and happy way. Sincerely, your client :D.

  • Thank u nassar for the proffisional and bueatiful writing style.i did expect elias will be kod but not that fast!

  • I think Desert Force has a lot of potential.

    The only problem that I can see is the way its all being put together. The commentary is poor, nothing technical about it at all. It sounds like a few fans discussing the fights.

    Also, the commentators talk about taking sides and who they think will win, they need to be neutral at all times…and only praise the fighters on shows of skill during the fight.

    The refereeing could also be better, for example, the Mohammad Abdulkareem vs Jarijs Danho should have been stopped way before it was, abdulkareem received numerous shots to the back of the head without Jarjis being warned, and when Abdulkareems mouth piece fell out he should have been warned on controlling his mouth piece.

    Other than that, I think the fighters are skilled…the facilities are great and the marketing is high quality.

    Hopefully we will see better commentary and more experts on staff back stage.

    Good Stuff overall though!

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