Desert Force 13 – Georges Eid Talks Mohammad Fakhreddine

Everybody is feverishly waiting for the Fakhreddine/Eid fight on Desert Force 13


Everybody is feverishly waiting for the Fakhreddine-Eid fight on Desert Force 13, not only because the two fighters are restless champions, but they also share the same nationality: Lebanese.

ArabsMMA interviewed Georges Eid to dig deeper in the reasons behind the fight, as well as the feelings of the fighters regarding this sort of unique match up.

“Fakhreddine is my friend”

Georges Eid insisted on starting with this statement, emphasizing on how much he respects and supports Fakhreddine: “His heart is fearless and ferocious, he has beautiful charisma and I feel pretty much close to him”. Indeed, Eid admits that the style of the two players is quite similar, both based on striking techniques.

Following Lazzez’s injury, few fighters in the same weight category were ready to step in. But Eid did because he considers every fight as a challenge:

“It is no use to play against anyone just for the sake of aligning trophies. What I am really interested in is playing against class A players, because the performance would be top and if I win it would be a well-deserved victory. I like challenge, Fakhreddine is definitely one, and I am not afraid”

Eid proves it by practicing all year long. He states is ready for anyone, at any time and will seek to show this during the event.

When asked who is more entitled to win the fight, Eid answers that words are meaningless and that both fighters have to prove their talent inside the cage.

The fight will surely be hard core but sportsmanship spirit is also set very high, a beautiful example to follow by all athletes.

Good luck both and see you on August 25!

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