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Georges Eid vs. Mohammad Fakhreddine
I am sure all of Lebanon will be watching this one. Georges Eid has stepped in to fight Mohammad Fakhreddine after Mounir Lazzez sadly had to drop out of the fight. Lazzez is watching on however so it will be interesting to see what he makes of this fight.

I must point out here that Fakhreddine looks like he forgot the rest of him back in Lebanon given his drop to 77 kg. The lighter weight might make him an even faster striker.

Aaaaargh let’s do this! This is gonna be awesome!

Round 1! Here we go!!!

Round 1: The touch gloves. Both fighters light on their feet to being with. Eid with the low kick. Fakhreddine looking to push Georges up against the cage. He throws a low kick that looks like it hurts. He throws strikes but Georges uses it to take him down! Fakhreddine working for the guillotine but doesn’t get it. Fakhreddine now up against the cage.

Spinning backfist attempt by Georges. Big high kick from Fakhreddine. Eid answers with a low kick of his own. Jab from Eid. followed by a high kick. Fakhreddine goes in and goes for the guillotine, he is backed up against the cage. Eid breaks out of the hold and tries to win some distance by throwing a kick. He goes in again and Fakhreddine goes for the standing guillotine.

Kick by Fakhreddine lands flush on the chin but Georges moves forward. Eid pushes Fakhreddine back up against the cage, goes for the takedown and gets it. Fakhreddine rolls and ends up in side mount against the cage! Fakhreddine now in Eid’s guard from where he looks to throw bombs. 10 seconds left in this one.

Round 1 is over. 10-9 to Fakhreddine

Round 2: Round 2! Here we go.

High kick/low kick combo by Eid. Fakhreddine throws one of his own. He keeps backing Eid up against the corner. Eid going for the takedown again but Fakhreddine doing a good job of holding on. They trade strikes and Fakhreddine ends up in an advantageous position on the ground. Short elbows and strikes.

Fakhreddine stands and lets him up. The referee takes a short break to wipe off the sweat.

Big right connects from Fakhreddine. They grapple against the fence and Fakhreddine uses a trip to bring Eid to the ground. Fakhreddine in Eid’s guard. This could end up getting nasty. Fakhreddine postures up and throws strikes from up top.

Spinning backfist combo by Eid. Big left connects for Fakhreddine. Eid goes for the takedown but Fakhreddine stuffs its. Fakhreddine attempts a guillotine but ends up on his back with Eid in his guard. Fakhreddine is quite vicious off his back so lets see where this one ends up.

30 seconds to go! Fakhreddine rolls him over and ends up in full mount! Eid;s left arm is locked in!Fakhreddine can do a lot of damage from up here! 1,2,3 and thats it!!!!

Fakhreddine by TKO in round 2!!!



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