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ArabsMMA Staff Predictions for Desert Force 13

Desert Force will take place in the UAE tonight, August 25th, with what many believe is the best fight card yet.


Desert Force will take place in the UAE tonight, August 25th, with what many believe is the best fight card yet. There are so many promisingly entertaining match-ups on the card, so, it’s going to be fun making fight predictions on this one until the real thing happens.

Silvester Saba vs Mohamad Triki:
Both have reach and both are good strikers. Saba is more of a boxer in his style whereas Triki is more of a kick-boxer. Both are working on improving their ground game with Saba having the better edge in that area. Triki is an intelligent fighter, but I would give this one to Saba based his last performance where he followed a perfect game plan to pull off a clean win. This fight won’t be easy for either of these two and could still definitely go either way.

Tarek Suleiman vs Mahmoud Salama:
We’ve said it over and over, Mahmoud Salama is one tough guy ! One clean punch landing from Salama is enough to put anybody’s lights out. I don’t care how much Suleiman says he’s improving his striking game, he has to have his hands up and chin down at all times. Still, I believe that Salama cannot handle Suleiman’s superior grappling skills and pace for three rounds. Salama might get gassed out, as he did in the second round of his last fight with Abdullah BouHamdan. Suleiman, on the other hand, has no trouble with his cardio. I give this one to Tarek Suleiman.

Mohammad Abed vs Mohmoud Hassan:
No idea who these guys are or how either of them fight. I put my chips on Mohammad Abed just for the fun of it!

Rami Aziz vs Elias Boudegzdame:
An excellent wrestler in Rami Aziz vs an excellent Brazilian jujitsu submission grappler in Boudegzdame. I don’t think Rami Aziz’s “Anti-jujitsu” elixir (Which is his wrestling) will work for too long against Boudegzdame who has finished all his fights by submission. I pick Boudegzdame for the winner.

Amir Ismail vs Abdelali Yachou
Ismail is a good striker and Yachou is a good grappler. However, I believe Yachou is also more well-rounded and won’t be too devastated by Ismail’s striking. I’m going to have to lean towards Yachou on this one.

Hossein Mollamahdi vs Mohammad Karaki:
Obviously we’re all going to pick the Karaki as the favorite in this one. I don’t know much about Mollamahdi, but we know that Karaki has lethal submission skills and his striking should have only improved since his last fight performance. I’d be very surprised if Mollamahdi performs a shocker. Still, Karaki all the way.

Mohammad Yahya vs Ali Naemi
I believe this is going to be one of the most entertaining fights of the night, especially after Naemi’s trash talk video. Both these guys are well-roundedand both go at it all the time. This one is surely not to miss. However, I have to give it to Naemi based on the fact that he’s had more fights in Desert Force and looked good and tough in all of them.

Georges Eid vs Mohammad Fakhreddine
Eid accepted this fight at last second. He has had two solid performances in Desert Force against the most stubborn of fighters and managed to put a great show of heart, skill and especially power in both of them. Fakhreddine, who has recently dropped to welterweight from middleweight, has fought wars against some of the toughest in the Arab region. If Eid keeps the fight at distance or grapples with Fakhreddine he has a good chance. However, if Fakhreddine closes distance and utilizes his boxing, he has the advantage. It’s difficult to pick or predict a winner for this one. Both are fan favorites and both are warriors.

Ibrahim El Sawy vs Abdullah AbouHamdan
Fireworks anyone? Thank you Desert Force. What a night it’s going to be with these two being the main event and the cream of the crop. These two will throw nothing, but bombs at each other the entire fight. I think BouHamdan has better Brazilian jujitsu skills and is the heavier handed of the two, but I’m taking nothing away from El Sawy, a beast, who has also proved, multiple times, to be a big finisher and have a growing submission game arsenal. I give this one to BouHamdan by an inch. Still, it’s going to be a slobber knocker of a fight.
The only thing for sure and that doesn’t need any predictions is that this edition of Desert Force will be the most memorable and historic one yet.

It’s tonight guys. Tune and watch!

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