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Desert Force 13: Stars of The Night

Desert Force 13 was the best Desert Force so far.

Desert Force 13 was the best Desert Force so far. Full of good fights, drama and entertainment, this edition of Desert Force is one to go down in the organization’s highlight history.
Although each and every single fighter helped put on a good show and a great evening for the fans, there are three top winners based on their fight performance and attitudes.


Mohammad Yahya had been mauled by comments and threats from Ali Alnaemi. Though Alnaemi seemed to be delivering a beating to Yahya was a victim of an illegal knee to the face and an over-hand right from Alnaemi that dropped him, Yahya, to the thrill of his home crowd, was able to turn the tide and comeback big, winning the fight at round three with Alnaemi forfeiting from the bout. Nobody knows where Yahya pulled this out of, but without any doubt, he was one of the top performers that night.


Second, and after years of dropping inches short, Ibrahim El Sawi was finally able to win the Desert Force middle weight division (84 KG) shield. Being matched up against Abdullah Abou Hamdan, everybody knew this one was going to end by a KO. In the middle of the first round, El Sawi landed a left over hook from hell that immediately knocked Abou Hamdan out cold. It was minutes before Abou Hamdan regained consciousness, but he finally stood up and shook it off. The heart-warming moment was seeing El Sawi finally hold the middle weight shield and give a frantic celebration after the hard work he had put for so long. A top class moment from El Sawi that will be sculptured into the organization and the memory of its fans.


Finally, the fighter with the performance of the night was Mohammad “O Lutador” Karaki. The light heavyweight champion (93 KG) dropped to middle weight for this fight because he had no opponents and was hungry to get into the cage again. As the fight started, Hossein Mollamehdi, his opponent, delivered a cheap shot to Karaki as they were about to touch gloves. This left Karaki in rage mode, wanting to end the fight as quick as possible after having promised to show some improved new striking skills. The brown belt, Karaki, quickly pulled guard and it was pretty much the beginning of the end. Karaki submitted Mehdi in the first round via triangle arm bar. His performance was the best of the night. He looked calm, controlled and classy. Karaki has sure come a long way and become much more confident and balanced in his performances. He truly deserves to be the super star of the night at Desert Force 13.

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  • Ali Nuami is probably the most disrespectful guy I’ve known in the sport, he is just ruining everyone’s reputation and causing a lot of trouble, problems and conflicts. If mma had another 10 of him..the sport would’ve been banned and forbidden, 10 years ago. He lost the fight to a student and then out of jealous rage and anger decides to challenge the master, this guy needs a wake up punch, let’s hope that doesn’t injure him or hurt his feelings, perhaps knock him out for good.

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