Desert Force 17: Ezzedine Derbane Vs Hussein Salem Ends in Dramatic DQ

Ezzedine Derbane Vs Hussein Salem Ends in Dramatic DQ


Amman, Jordan – It was the second fight of the preliminary card at Desert Force 17 when Ezzedine Al Derbane entered the cage to face Hussein Salem from Iraq. Nothing significant took place before Salem got caught in a tight armbar. With Ezzedine not willing to let go, and Salem giving his all not to tap, the Referee witnesses Hussein Stomp Alderebane’s head in an attempt to escape the armbar. Yazan Ghattas did not hesitate for a moment before disqualifying Hussein Salem and the Kid went Bonkers!

After realizing the decision taken, Salem shoved the referee and went APE **** jumping around and screaming, and had to be escorted out of the cage by more than 6 security guys.

According to Raad Jameel Abbas, head-coach of Salem, this decision is 100% wrong and the referee should have deducted points before DQ.

The featherweight bout was part the Desert Force 17 on MBC Action undercard.

In many of cases, when a fighter strikes with an illegal move, the referee would warn him or deduct a point, but when the conduct is openly done on purpose, the referee will take strict measures and end the fight.

Full results for Desert Force 17 fight card here.

Coach Raad Jameel Abbas:

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  • How can that be a wrong decision he already got a point deducted when he hit Ez in the groin even without that warning it was an obvious intended foul when you stomp someone in the face

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