Desert Force 18: Tarek Suleiman Settles The Scores in His Rematch Against Christopher Silva

Desert Force 18

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LEBANON – Unsettled business between Silva and Suleiman on their first fight made Desert Force schedule the first ever rematch in the promotions history. After their original bout ending in a No Contest , Suleiman made sure to end this controversy when he pounded Silva , picking up a second-round stoppage.

The welterweight bout was part of the main card of Desert Force 18 took place on the 17th of August at the Hikmeh Stadium in Ghazir, Lebanon. The live card aired live on MBC Action.

The first round begun with Silva shooting for a take-down. With some impressive Brazilian jujitsu, he manages to mount Suleiman for almost half of the round. Tarek, however, manages to make a clean escape and get Silva on the cage, landing some effective knees. Silva once again tries to shoot, but is stopped by Suleiman who delivers some elbows as the bell rings.

In round two, Suleiman tags Silva and continues to hammer him with bombs as Silva was initially trying to shoot for a knee bar. Incapable of withstanding any more damage, the referee steps in signaling the end of the bout 0.51 seconds into the second round.

Suleiman adds his first win as a welterweight , whereas Silva marks his first MMA career loss.

Tarek Suleiman:

It’s an honor to be fighting the first ever Desert Force rematch. We’re all making history in the Middle East with Desert Force.

Watch “Christofer Silva Vs. Tarek Suleiman” full fight here, and follow this link for all Desert Force 18 updates.

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