Desert Force 20 | Intriguing Stare Off Between Mohammad Fakhreddine And Jarrah Al Selawe

Desert Force 20


An interesting stare down was witnessed by Mohamad Fakhreddine and Jarrah Al Selawi in the weighs for Desert Force 20, going down in Dubai on today, Janurary 25.

In a dressing gown Mohamad Fakhradine , Al Selawi standing straight, causally exchanging a penetrating icy cold stares. This was definitely a different stare off from the previous which almost broke out into a live fight.

An image that elicits a laugh; What on earth… The hand placement of the tattooed gifted fighter as well gives rise to giggles. Was that an intentional chilled statement from Fakhreddine? Is it all part of a game plan? No one knows until the fight takes place. Let’s see how it all goes down, or who.

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