Desert Force Al Academiya 2 – Episode 1 Breakdown


Amman, Jordan – 32 of the best amateur Arab mixed martial artists from around the Middle East and North Africa have gathered in King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center in Jordan to kick off their packed journey of Desert Force Al Academiya season 2.

As the previous one, season 2 features two weight classes in the tournament. The two weight classes for this season are Bantamweight (61 Kg), the newest weight class introduced to the promotion, and Featherweight division with its Champion Abdelkareem Al Selwady and the Challenger Julaidan. (66 Kg).

Upon arriving to the base camp, the fighters were greeted one by one to a clean military shave and army uniform which only reflected the necessity for discipline and order during their stay!

Their host at the King Abdullah II Center enters and, much to their dismay, informs them that even food and shelter is part of their challenge. The first challenge “in search of food” begins in Zone A of the Special Operations Training Center where students had to locate their hidden food vouchers. Moving on to Zone B, Al Academiya trainees begin their quest in search of their room vouchers.

As the fighters take further challenges, Tunisian contestant Rami Bin Dridi shows up on site. Rami arrives late to Al Aacademiya and is the last contestant to take part in the show. He introduces himself claiming that he’s fought many international fights and he just joined Al Academiya to fight for Arab promotions.

While everyone’s head was shaved, Rami shows resistence right upon arrival by strictly refusing to have his long hair removed.

Should Rami be allowed on the show? Desert Force’ Mohammad Mirza decides to leave the decision to the fighters themselves. Either they all approve Rami’s un-cut hair or the Tunisian takes the first flight back home. During the negotiations, Al Academiya students did not seem to agree on letting Rami break the rules. While Rami held on to his statement that haircuts do not have anything to do with MMA, it was obviously unfair for everyone else.

What was the final verdict? Was Rami let in? Find out in Desert Force Al Academiya Episode 2 this Monday on MBC Action.

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