Desert Force Heads To Egypt This December For “Al Academiya 3 Finale”

Desert Force "Al Academiya 3 Finale"


2015 has marked many firsts for Desert Force MMA championship; the first Desert Force event in Lebanon, the first Al Academiya to be filmed in Saudi Arabia, and next up, the first DF event to be hosted in land of the Pharaohs Egypt.

Al Academiya Season 3 is already airing on MBC Action for another season full of testosterone driven Arab Reality TV. This season, welterweights and middleweights have collided in Al Academiya with two coaches who have taken up the challenge of putting amateurs into shape for a professional career. For the red team, El Sawi from Egypt and the current middleweight champion has taken up the reins. The Blue team is headed by Mohamed Karaki, the former champion in the light heavyweight division.

The two coaches are set to meet in a season ending fight this December at Desert Force’s 19th installment, taking place for the first time ever in Egypt.

Mohammad Karaki (5-0), who has recently dropped to the middleweight, made a successful debut in the division at Desert Force 14 submitting Nouredin El Zaar. The Lebanese is surely one of the best fighters in Desert Force, having finished all his fights in the first round earning him ArabsMMA top pound for pound Lebanese fighter.

Ibrahim El Sawi on the other hand is one of the most recognized faces in the Desert Force promotion. With a professional record of 5-2, El Sawi has been a serious nightmare for all his opponents finishing 4 out of 5 fights in the first round, 3 of which by way of knockout. With big power in both his hands and a gigantic figure at 84Kg’s, everyone knows that it’s lights out for anybody the moment El Sawi connects to the chin.

Karaki has the edge in the submission skills whereas El Sawi, who also has the home advantage, can finish with any good strike that lands. This match up is going to be a classic!

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  • For a fight like this, both fighters have to be tested against PEDs.
    It is heard to expect who would win, Karaki strike game has been enhanced and Sawi grappling too. Sawi is more aggressive but Karaki is high level jiu jitsu.

    • shit man i agree with you, desert force is trying to hard to become like the UFC, but in reality it is becoming like the WWE with fighters that have no technique and a management that roster fights that don’t make sense or title fights that don’t make even more sense.

      i stopped watching when i saw who sawi was a heavy weight fighting for the middle weight title, that was the dumbest shit i have seen

      • Guys … I agree partially with you .. most of the fights are shitty … but do not compare with UFC main card fights … compare to prelims or other promotions… I think we need 3-5 years to start seeing more and more good fighters.

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