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Desert Force Al Academiya Episode 4 Breakdown

Another win-or-die episode of “Desert Force Al Academiya 2” gets underway at King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center


Monday October 6, 2014 – Another win-or-die episode of “Desert Force Al Academiya 2” gets underway at King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center. Twelve contestants battled it out to determine who will be joining Andrew Tarraf and Yasser Zaid at 66kg, and Youness Ouakili and Mohammad Al Azzani at 61kg who made it through in Episode 3.

Mehdi Zayoush Vs Wissam Abou Rmeileh
Round one started with a scramble consisting of a Takedown and a direct sweep with Zayoush landing in side mount. Zayoush transitions to north-south with both fighters not doing much. Zayoush stands up and lands some leg kicks as Abou Rmeileh delivers in return some up kicks of his back to the face and legs keeping Zayoush at a distance. Both fighters are back up and Wissam goes for a desperate TD which leaves him vulnerable for some pounding before he is saved by the bell. Early in the second round, another hasty Takedown from Abou Rmeileh puts him in a dodgy position forcing him to Tap due to strikes.

Algerian Mehdi Zayoush makes it through Al Academiya 2


Mohammad Mashaly Vs Montaser Al Furati
Both fighters started up with some stiff strikes showing good Muay Thai with Mashaly being on the receiving end! An over hyped Muntaser throws an dangerous high kick which Mashaly timed and countered with a clean straight right dropping the Iraqi and finding his way to mount position. Mashaly works from this position, securing the first round. Second round was all Mashaly ending the fight with a guillotine from set up mount after an unsuccessful Takedown from Al Furati.

Egyptian Mohammad Mashaly makes it through Al Academiya 2


Philippe Massoud Vs Khalid Siddiki
Knockout Academy Prospect Philippe Massoud (The Striker) in this Striker Vs Grappler match up showed some interesting skills shutting down the Japanese Jujitsu Black Belt Siddiki and ending the fight in a mounted position. The fight started out slow as Siddiki went for a takedown. An unsuccessful choke left Siddiki vulnerable to some serious strikes from a better positioned Massoud. Siddiki started the second round with a bit more action yet Philippe the aggressor capitalized on each mistake and ended the round with ground and pound from a Mounted position. Massoud From Lebanon Enters The Academy!

Lebanese Philippe Massoud makes it through Al Academiya 2


Mohammad Alenzi Vs Saddam Abdallah
Alenzi who was representing Kuwait is the Shidokun Jitsu Champion who came in with a plan to play it safe and so he did. This was the only fight that went for an extra round as both fighters kept the distance and chose their strikes carefully. First round had barely any effective action with Alenzi being slightly more aggressive. Round two was similar with Alenzi moving around striking from a distance neutralizing Saddams plan of taking him down. 2 rounds with little work left the judges with barely anything to judge upon. Round three saw Saddam mentally giving up and Alenzi doing enough to earn the decision win. No Excitement in this one, yet well played from the Kuwaiti.

Kuwaiti Mohammad Alenzi makes it through Al Academiya 2


Rahal Laaroui Vs George Bardawil
Tristar Gym Lebanon sent his best amateur bantamweight to get things done in Amman. George Bardawil managed to submit Rahal in the first round after the fight seemed to be going the other way around. Laaouiri landed a high kick in the opening seconds of the fight which could have ***ed up Bardawil’s mission before it started. High kicks in bunches from the Moroccan made it easy for Bardawil to take the fight to the ground and attempt a very tight arbmar. Rahal pounds and slams his way out leaving Bardawil bloodied. Another arm bar attempt from Bardawil who let’s it go and goes for unsuccessful ankle lock opening an opportunity to take the Moroccan’s back and end the fight Via RNC.

Lebanese George Bardawil makes it through Al Academiya 2


Serge Saad Vs Karim Marayki
Both fighters keeping distance at first, Saad changing position and going for a Takedown landing in half guard with his head stuck tight guillotine yet not enough to choke him. Saad escapes and goes directly to mount position and peppers the Moroccan. As the second round starts, Saad goes for a TD but the Moroccan welcomes him with a nice Uchimata. Oddly enough, Serge escapes the headkick from side control, takes the Moroccan’s back and secures a firm RNC.

Lebanese Serge Saad makes it through Al Academiya 2

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