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Desert Force Al Academiya Episode 8 Fight Breakdown


In episode 8 of Desert Force Al Academiya 2, Mohammad Ali from team Selwady was set to face Mohammad Azzani from team Julaidan with aims of paving their way to the semi-finals. Both these fighters had eye-catching performances in their preliminary fights and the same was expected in their face off.

Round one begins with some good movement from Azzani who is landing big haymaker style over-hooks and a few good kicks. Mohammad Ali later shoots twice for a take-down and gets both, mixes it up with some good cage control and takes Azzani’s back at near the end of the round. The first round is very close and looks pretty even.

Round two kicks off with Azzani attempting to get back at Ali with a few take-down downs and pushing through some cage control. Later in the round, however, Ali manages to turn the table on Azzani, take him down and gets him into side control after a grappling scrap between the two. However, Azzani is able to escapes and the round ends with Azzani being in the dominant side control position. Another close round is scored between the two.

In round three, both fighters are much loose in there striking, Ali working to land more combinations and Azzani looking for the one big punch. Ali tried to mix it up by attempting some take-downs that are blocked by Azzani. It pretty much goes on the same until the bell finally rings and the fighters, with Mohammad Ali confident of his win and waiting on the judges decision.

When the scorecard comes in, Ali is shocked to find out that there will be an additional round 4 with the judges scoring the fight 30-27/30-29/29-29, possibly the weirdest scoring in Desert Force history.

Though Ali reacted furiously, there was no time to waste into round 4. Ali came in the deciding round overly excited and his strikes started to flow, controlling most of the striking, until he gets a point deducted for grabbing the cage when Azzani tries to shoot for a take down. Azzani gives his all near the end of the round to take Ali down and secure his victory now that Mohammad Ali has a deducted point. Unfortunately, Azzani is not able to take Ali down.

Whereas everybody thinks the fight is going to a round 5 in a close round that could be scored as a 9-9 (Due to a deducted point from Ali), the judges declare the winner and moving onto the semi-finals, Mohammad Ali.

This was probably one of the closest and most exciting fights on Desert Force Al Academiya 2 this season. Tune in next week for more.

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